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Matrix Databank (Part 8): The 8th Doctor

The Eighth Doctor: Enigmatic, Zagreus, the Evergreen Man, Romantic, Adventurous. His birth came a few hours after his seventh incarnation died on the operating table at Walker General Hospital in San Fransisco, California on December 30, 1999. He awoke from the morgue confused and scared; wondering who he is. He scavenged for clothes by putting on a long dark green velvet coat, grey cravat and waistcoat. Upon wondering the hospital, he came cross Dr. Grace Holloway who he thought knew who he was. At the same time, the Master gained a new body in the form of the paramedic who took the Doctor to the hospital. With the aid of Chang Lee, the Master entered the TARDIS to get to the Eye of Harmony; using it to track the Doctor down. In the process of the Eye opening, the Doctor regained his memory and immediately enlisted Grace's help in obtaining an atomic clock to repair the malfunction of the TARDIS console. However, the Master eventually tracked and captured him. As the Master drained the rest of his remaining lives with the Eye, the Doctor instructed Grace to set the ship into temporal orbit triggering the Eye to lose power and preventing the universe's destruction. Freed, the Doctor defeated the Master; being sucked into the Eye of Harmony in the process. Returning Grace and Lee to January 1, 2000, the Doctor offered her to come with him but politely declined. The two parted company as he left for new adventures in the TARDIS.

After a dream about Cambridge 1979, the Doctor went to Gallifrey where he enlisted Madam President
Romana and K9 in helping him resolve a old mystery of Prof. Chronotis and the going up against Skagra and the Krags whilst entering the Time Lord prison planet Shada. Shortly after returning Romana and K9 back to Gallifrey, the Doctor returned to Earth, this time in 1997 where he re-united with Bernice Summerfield. The duo along with retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT thwarted an Ice Warrior invasion. Shortly after, the Doctor dropped Benny off at St. Oscar's University on the planet Dellah. Not only did he team up with his three previous selves in thwarting the Daleks' latest scheme for universal conquest, he also encounter Morgaine and Mordred, leading to him to write a letter to his seventh incarnation about Morgaine's plans for King Arthur. Several short trips later, the Doctor met two young siblings by the name of Samson and Gemma Griffin at a library in Folkstone. The trio had several fun adventures together ranging from the ice caves of Shabadabadon, to Studio 54. Upon leaving them in Vienna, the Doctor went to Switzerland 1816 at the Vila Diodati to answer a distress call sent out by himself near the end of his life. It was there, he met the author Mary Shelley (nee' Godwin). The Time Lord and the Frankenstein author had several adventures including the "Silver Turk", a witch from the well, axons, the Bone Lord and King Herald and the battle of Hastings. Upon Mary's request, the Doctor returned her to the Vila Diodati and went to retrieve Samson and Gemma. They spotted a Nekkistani time vessel and the siblings when to investigate only to end up in the cluches of Davros. As the madman entered the TARDIS, Samson restrained the Doctor as Gemma, under Davros' orders, altered the Doctor's memories; forcing him to drop Davros off on Earth, 200,000s.

Having no recollection of the Griffins or Davros, the Doctor wandered through the vortex until a encounter with a Vortisaur led to him materializing within the confines of the airship R101 where he met a young stowaway, the self-professed "Edwardian Adventurous" named Charlotte Pollard. Charley wasn't meant to be on board that day as the R101 crashed on October 5, 1930. Having saved her life and gotten chummy with the lone Vortisaur, Charley joined the Doctor in his travels. Their early adventures included the Cybermen, Venice, "Malebogia" w/ the Brigadier, New York 1938, Edwardian London 1906, Singapore with the Nimon, ROSM, a surprising run-in with the Celestial Toymaker, London's West End 1935, and 2020s w/ the Daleks during the Euro-Wars. The Web of Time became ill and it was assumed it was because of saving Charley that let to unforeseen consequences that led to the Time Lords pursuing and later captured them. According to the Celestial Intervention Agency, the rescue of Charley cause a tear in the Web of Time. Not only that, but she was also a gateway to a universe of anti-Time. The Doctor and Romana travelled into the anti-Time universe and he also managed to destroy the Never-people only to end up infected by anti-Time; his mind was hijacked by the divergent entity Zagreus while in the universe of Anti-Time and threatened the existence of the universe. With help from his previous three incarnations (while Charley, Romana, Leela and K9 went up against Rassilon), the Doctor removed Zagreus from his mind and. In case, any anti-Time lingering within him, Romana exiled him into the divergent universe. Despite his attempt to leave her behind, Charley stowed away in the TARDIS to accompany him into the universe without time.

During their time in the anti-Time universe, the duo were apart of a accelerated evolution experiment. Upon defeating the sound creature, the Doctor and Charley escaped the experiment. Shortly after, the duo wound up in the Interzone. There, they met a troubled Eutermisan named C'rizz who was on the run from the Kromon. Upon being captured, the Doctor discovered C'rizz's lover L'da mutating into the Kromon's insect queen. Given no other alternative, C'rizz ended L'da's suffering by gunning her down. With his help, the Doctor freed Charley from becoming the latest insect queen. Now free of the Kromon, C'rizz joined the Doctor and Charley in their quest for the TARDIS. During their journey, the three travellers found themselves in Light City, Setarus, the Multihaven, Bortresoye and, Caedroia. Also during their travels they kept encountering the mysterious Kro'ka. Upon arriving in Caedroia, the Doctor was split into three; two of him represented different aspects of his personality in order to defeat the Kro'ka and finally retrieve the TARDIS. After beating Rassilon, the Kro'ka and the other inhabitants, the Doctor, Charley, and C'rizz returned to N-Space. Unknown to them that Davros set up a trap for them despite his increasing mental instability due to sharing his mind with the Dalek Emperor. At the same time, the Doctor's memories of Samson and Gemma were restored. However, due to Davros' influence being too great, C'rizz performed a mercy killing; freeing her indefinitely. Rather than avoid being defeated, the Daleks agreed to evacuate Earth. The TARDIS trio's later adventures included Sammarus Institute, Endarra, The Great Exhibition of 1851, the planet Industry's Clockwork Men, The Brainworm, and the TARDIS being stolen by a ice cream van! Their travels ended in two chaotic ways however. C'rizz sacrificed himself to save the Doctor and Charley from the Absolver on the planet Utebbadon-Tarria. His death and the Doctor's blaise' behavior towards it angered Charley leading to her demanding to return home. This only prove pragmatic as they had a run-in with the Cybermen that split the two apart leaving Charley stranded on a deserted island in the year 500,002* while the Doctor was left a goodbye note from her at the Singapore Hilton.

Grim for a brief time, the Doctor traveled alone for a time before he arrived in Stockbridge. While there, he encountered the Celestial Toymaker who brainwashed the majority of the village's residents into obeying his every command. Assisting the Doctor in battling the Toymaker were the only two citizens who weren't under the Toymaker's influence: old friend Max Edison and his young friend Isabelle Sinclair. After restoring Stockbridge to normal, the Doctor once more offered Max a trip in the TARDIS but the resident UFO spotter politely declined the invite. In his place, Izzy accepted the invite and the two were off to brand new adventures. Their early adventures saw them in the 51st Century. dealing with alternate universe Daleks, and the most prominent force the Threshold. During a visit to 1939 in the South Pacific, the Doctor and Izzy ran a foul of a rich madman who injected his fellow guests with a dangerous toxin. Upon the Doctor suffering from its effects, the TARDIS took him Izzy and Fey Truscott-Sade to Gallifrey to be placed into the Matrix for recovery. With this, he was dragged into an adventure with the Elysians with the aid of Shayde. Upon his return, the Doctor regenerated into a new body much to Izzy and Fey's horror. However, the new incarnation turned out to be Shayde in disguise while the real Doctor infiltrated the Threshold. With Fey and Shayde merging as one, the Doctor was able to defeat the Threshold once and for all. The Doctor and Izzy's later adventures included human-morphant hybrid, 17th Century Japan, battling the Gaijin plus making a samurai immortal to save his life in the process, a run in with space pirates and Kroton, the Cyberman with a soul (who later joins the TARDIS crew) and a deadly confrontation with a newly resurrected Master. Their adventures took a hectic turn in the form of Ophidius. There, the Doctor and Izzy met the Oblivion native Destrii who was on the run from the Mobox. To evade facing their wrath, Destrii switched bodies with Izzy using a machine she passed off as a telepathic transmitter, Upon finding the Doctor, Destrii (in Izzy's body) was vaporized by the Mobox much to Izzy's (in Destrii's body) horror leaving her to cope with someone else's body. During this period, the duo met the artist Frida Kahlo and later tangoed with the Daleks; those "good Daleks" were a result from his previous encounter six incarnations before. Upon adventure's end, Izzy was captured by operatives of Destrii's mother, who wanted Destrii to prepare for her wedding by fighting a duel to the death. With the help of Feyde (Fey and Shayde merged in Wormwood), the Doctor was able to track down Destrii and took her to her homeword Oblivion to undo the damaged she caused. Mid way during the fight to the death, Izzy and Destrii returned to their respective bodies. Immediately after (and coming to terms with who she is and her sexuality) Izzy parted company; returning to the night she left Stockbridge. The Doctor traveled alone for a brief time before encountering Destrii again (with her uncle Jodafra) in the Dakota Hills in 1875. The Doctor stopped the Windingo and Jodafra (with Destrii's help) from sacrificing the Lakota tribe. Angered by his niece's betrayal, Jodafra beat Destrii and left her for dead; the Doctor found her and immediately took her to seek medical care. While at the Hippocrates Base, the facility was boarded by the Zeronites. With the Destrii's help, the Doctor put an end to the attack and the two sat off to adventures new (with Destrii now sporting a holographic necklace that makes her appear human). The new duo went to London 2004 where the Cybermen sought to convert the human race into being like them. After defeating the Cybermen, the Doctor and Destrii continued their travels until they parted company.

The Doctor traveled alone once again, until he landed in London 1997, where he met Samantha Jones, who was on her way to a Greenpeace rally. Intrigued by her new friend, Sam took one trip in the TARDIS before being dropped off at the rally. The Doctor later picked her up: three years later for him; a few hours for her. During the three year gap, the Doctor traveled with a young woman named Stacy Townsend who he saved during his excursion with the Cybermen and were sometime joined later by the Ice Warrior Ssard. The three traveled until the new couple parted company one they got married. Before that a brief reunion with Prof. Bernice Summerfield on Epsilon Minima. Afterwards, the Doctor returned for Sam and the duo headed out to new adventures. Early on the Doctor and Sam's travels included Vampires in 1997 San Francisco, Zygons, Werewolves, Wirrn, and the devious time cult known as Faction Paradox. Their encounter with the group lead to a shocking revelation for Sam: She fell into dimensional scar that altered her history presenting a dark version of herself. Later on, the Doctor later accquired Fitz Kreiner in 1963 and with Sam's departure following their tumultuous encounter with Faction Paradox, he gain another new companion in Compassion , an agent of the Remote (an offshoot of Faction Paradox). Several adventures later and a reunion with a widowed Lethbridge-Stewart, the TARDIS was destroyed leading to not only uneasy tension with the Time Lords and a newly regenerated Romana, but had to travel inside Compassion who at that point evolved into a TARDIS. The trio resumed their travels that led to a grand turning point in the Doctor's life: The foreknowledge of the Second War in Heaven obtained by the Doctor and the Time Lords triggered the first destruction of Gallifrey. In shock and pain, Compassion and Fitz dropped him off on Earth at the turn of the 20th Century with his own TARDIS now in cube form (it would grow back to its normal size) and a note from Fitz that told him to meet him in St. Louis in 2001. As a result he remained of Earth for a century but with no memory. Throughout the 20th Century, the amnesic Doctor dealt with fiery beings, the Players, Ferren and the revelation that he has a teenage daughter named Miranda.

As 2001 approached, the TARDIS was restored to normal size and reunited with Fitz. During the reunion Earth was being invaded by the Kulan. It was this adventure that the duo met the young stock broker Anji Kapoor and her boyfriend Dave was among the casualties of the invasion. Upon the tragedy, Anji joined the Doctor and Fitz in their travels. The new TARDIS crew found themselves dealing with pre-historic dinosaurs, alien wasps, Hitchemus Tigers, the Slow Empire, New Orleans, the planet Entusso (whilst Anji was incapacitated due to an alien cocktail she drank),  and a "World of Wishes". Things took a surreal yet darker turn for the Doctor and friends when they encountered Sabbath in the 18th Century; the new foe even removed the Doctor's second heart leading to him losing his Time Lord abilities which went to Sabbath in return. The TARDIS crew would encounter their new enemy several more times while landing in several alternate timelines. Along with this, Sabbath hired con artist Beatrix "Trix" MacMillan as his agent to stowaway inside the TARDIS for time until she took Anji's place at the Doctor's side when she parted ways with him and Fitz to raise a young girl named Chloe. The Doctor would eventually find out that Sabbath was an associate for the mysterious Council of Eight who sought to delete alternate timeline for more universal control. Not only that but the Council had several of the Doctor's companions killed since they viewed them as "uncontrollable elements". With the aid of his daughter Miranda (and her daughter Zezanne) and Sabbath, the Council of Eight were defeated though not with out two casualties. The TARDIS crew resumed their travels shortly after this event. During this time, Fitz and Trix developed a relationship and the Doctor finally learned of his part in Gallifrey's destruction but also its restoration. A huge chunk of the Matrix was supplanted into the Doctor's mind with the aid of Compassion. The size of it was enough to compress his memories and triggered the amnesia.  With this knowledge, the Doctor was given the opportunity to restore his homeworld and the Time Lords; assisting him was another Time Lord called Marnel. With Gallifrey restored and the Vore's invasion of Earth averted, Fitz and Trix stayed behind to settle down leaving the Doctor to travel on his own once more.

Several trips later, a young Blackpool native named Lucie Miller appeared in the TARDIS out of the blue, much to the Doctor's chagrin. It was while on the planet Red Rocket Rising that Lucie was under witness protection courtesy of the Celestial Intervention Agency who, unknown to the Doctor, suspected her future involved her becoming an evil dictator. While on the planet, the two unlikely pair thwarted two Dalek factions whilst gaining each other's trust. Despite being in unable to return Lucie to her time period, she and the Doctor got used to one another within time. The duo ended up landing at a nearby motorway station where Lucie ran into her aunt Patricia Ryder while aiding the Doctor in stopping the super beings known as the Only Ones who had one half of a brother-sister glam rock duo under their influence. Other adventures included a planet bearing an eerie resemblance to ancient Greece, Phobos (Mars' moon) and battling the Tar Modowk. Following the TARDIS duo was the mysterious Headhunter who was hired by a business man to retrieve Lucie from "competition". During the confrontation with her and the Cybermen, it was discovered that Lucie's co-worker was the CIA project not her all along. Immediately after this event, the Doctor and Lucie resumed their travels. Their later adventures involved a snake sentinent, a murder mystery involving a space ship TV program, the Autons, the black diamond (plus another encounter with the Headhunter) and the Zygons at a hotel in 1984 wich saw another reunion with Lucie and her Auntie Pat who, unknown to her, died during the confrontation and in her place was her Zygon lover who took her form to hide the real Pat's death. Things took a radical turn for the TARDIS duo when they found themselves dealing with a devilish philanthropist who successfully resurrected Morbius. During a struggle, the Doctor and Morbius fell down from the resurrected madman's palace; their bodies and the interstellar manipulator were never recovered. Lucie was in mourning for six months before being taken by the Headhunter to go find the Doctor. It was revealed that the Doctor spent 600 years on the planet Orbis and along with him Morbius' intersteller manipulator. Upon retreiving him and the interstellar manipulator destroying Orbis in the process, Lucie and the Doctor resumed their travels much to the Time Lord's sorrow and bemusement; this behavior was short lived. The duo's later adventures included the Krynoids, the fabled Beast of Orlok, Wirrn, the clan Baroque during World War II, murderous servicedroids and the Eight Legs of Metebelis III. The secret of Auntie Pat's demise would come back to haunt the Doctor and the Zygon Haygoth  in Christmas 2009 when a Zynog sought to take over Lucie's body to get revenge on Haygoth. In the process, Lucie learned the truth about the real Pat and decided to leave the Doctor.

For a while, the Doctor traveled alone. He went to 22nd Century Earth where he not only reunited with his granddaughter Susan Campbell (nee Foreman) but met his great-grandson Alex. Several short trips later, he landed on Earth and met four individuals who were auditioning to become his new companion. Out of the four, he chose a struggling actress named Tamsin Drew. Much to her surprise, Tamsin learned that the Doctor didn't put the advert in the newspaper but someone else did. Aside from this mystery, the new friends had several adventures together including the planet Nevermore and 1006 Ireland where the stopped a newly regenerated Monk and his curious assistant from taking the Book of Kells. Unknown to the Doctor, the Monk's assisstant turned out to be Lucie Miller under the guise of "Brother Lucianus". The Doctor and Tamsin landed on Deimos where they encountered the Ice Warriors as well as the Monk. It was this adventure that saw the Doctor reuniting with Lucie and Tamsin, after being shown a faux destruction of a civilization allegedly caused by the Doctor, went with the Monk. Shortly after, the Doctor and Lucie had Christmas dinner in the TARDIS with Susan and Alex as guests after which, Lucie stayed behind with them while the Doctor resumed his solo travels. Upon escaping the Consensus after being held prisoner for six years, the Doctor was heading to Earth after recieving a distress signal from Lucie regarding the Daleks invading Earth. He along with Lucie, Alex, Susan, and Tamsin learned of the Monk's part in aiding the Daleks in their conquest. It was this event that saw the deaths of Tamsin (who was surplus to Dalek requirements and exterminated on the spot) and Alex while saving his mother and Lucie. Lucie also died while sacrificing her life destroying the Dalek with their doomsday weapon which created a time warp eradicating the Daleks and the Dalek Time Controller. After being returned to the TARDIS, the Doctor in rage and grief chastised the Monk (also in grief) for his stupidity and meddling. The deaths of Lucie, Alex, and Tamsin left the Doctor in anger and grief leading to him travelling alone and Susan not only a widow but now a grieving mother to her dead child.

Upon a visit from the Time Lord Straxus, the Doctor was desperate for hope to a point where he wanted to see the end of the universe to see how everything turned out. Instead he was sent on a mission by Straxus to World War I with his new sonic screwdriver in tow. While there, he met a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse named Molly O'Sullivan who was tending to his wounds and his aftershock. Upon being saved by Molly after being confronted by a deranged American doctor, the two found themselves on the run from the Daleks who were searching for the young VAD. While on the run, the TARDIS landed in Dunkirk during the Second World War. Upon returning to the ship and explaining to his dark eyed friend about it, the Doctor changed from his torn attire into a blue leather pea coat, white t-shirt, denim jeans, brown suede boots and a old medical bag he accquired from the trenches. The TARDIS arrived in both 1972 London and the planet Halalka while evading the Daleks. Upon leaving the planet, the Doctor and Molly learned that their foes were being assisted by a rouge Time Lord called Kotris who sought to destroy all Time Lords. Once they've learned of Kotris early encounter with Molly, her and the Doctor ended up on Skaro where the Daleks there became peaceful after the destruction of the Time Lords. Of course that turned out to be part of a simulation generated for propaganda. The duo were saved by Straxus and later arrived on Srangor where the Daleks sat up shop which contained both Kotris and the Dalek Time Controller. Much to both the Doctor and Molly's horror, it was discovered that she was implanted with retro-generated particles in order to use her for a space-time projector to erase the Time Lords from reality. Another revelation was that Kotris was actually a future incarnation Straxus who was ashamed of the Time Lords' machinations and hypocrisy. Straxus was able to manipulated Kotris into using the generator to destroy the Daleks. In the process, an old civillian of the planet sacrificed his life to destroy the projector and the Dalek Time Controller exterminated both Straxus this Kotris ceasing to exist. After this event the Doctor and Molly returned to the TARDIS and departed Srangor. Molly returned to the trenches or World War I and the Doctor was left alone again. However, this chapter is far from over....

As for the fate of this incarnation during the time war, it went something like this....

Pay no attention to the face at the end of the clip. This is how it really went:

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