Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Timeline 1 (of 12): The First Doctor

The 1st Doctor (William Hartnell) 1963-1966

Pre-Season One:

From Eternity (BF Short Trip)
The Longest Story in the World (BF Short Trip)
The Beginning (Big Finish)
The Exiles (BF Short Trip)
Bide-A-Wee (BF Short Trip)
The Gift (BF Short Trip):
Quinnis (Big Finish)
Childhood Living (BF Short Trip)
Life From Lifelessness (BF Short Trip)
Indian Summer (BF Short Trip):
Frayed (Telos):
The Alchemists (Big Finish)
A Big Hand For The Doctor (Puffin Books)
Losing the Audience (BF Short Trip)
The Price of Conviction (BF Short Trip)
Hunters of Earth (Big Finish/AudioGo):
Time & Relative (Telos):
Ash (BF Short Trip)

Season One (1963-1964)

An Unearthly Child:
The Daleks:
Edge of Destruction:
Marco Polo:
The Sorceror's Apprentice (Virgin)
The Ruins of Time (BF Short Trip)
Tell Me You Love Me (BF Short Trip)
The Keys of Marinus:
The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance (Big Finish):
Farewell, Great Macedon (Big Finish):
The Masters of Luxor (Big Finish):
The Aztecs:
The Mother Road (BF Short Trip)
Room For Improvement (BF Short Trip)
The Transit of Venus (Big Finish):
The Sensorites:
Rise & Fall (BF Short Trip)
The Reign of Terror:
The Witch Hunters (BBC Books):
The Thief of Sherwood (BF Short Trip)
The Duke's Folly (BF Short Trip)
Here There Be Monsters (Big Finish):
The Wanderer (Big Finish):
The Flames of Cadiz (Big Finish):
The Library of Alexandria (Big Finish):
City At World's End (BBC Books)
The Reign Makers (BF Short Trip)
Domain of the Voord (Big Finish)
The Last Days (BBC Short Trip)
Nothing at the End of the Lane (BBC Short Trip)
Mire & Clay (BF Short Trip)
A Star is Born (BF Short Trip):
The Time Museum (Big Finish)**+

Season Two (1964-1965)

Planet of Giants:
The Time Travelers (BBC Books):
The Dalek Invasion of Earth:
Venusian Lullaby (Virgin):
The Book of Shadows (Virgin Short Trip)
Set in Stone (BF Short Trip)
The Revenants (Big Finish):
The Nine-Day Queen (BF Short Trip)
The True and Indisputable Facts in the Case of the Ram's Skull (BF Short Trip)
A Long Night (BF Short Trip)
The Rescue:
Byzantium! (BBC Books):
Romans Cutaway (BF Short Trip)
The Romans:
Starborn (Big Finish)
The Eleventh Tiger (BBC Books):
The Web Planet:
The Rocket Men (Big Finish):
The Dark Planet (Big Finish):
1963 (BF Short Trip)
The Crusades:
The Space Museum:
The Plotters (Virgin):
The Doctor's Tale (Big Finish)
Every Day (BF Short Trip)
The Sleeping City (Big Finish)
The Chase:
The Time Meddler:
Frostfire (Big Finish):
The Three Doctors:
The Empire of Glass (Virgin):
Corridors of Power (BF Short Trip)
The Schoolboy's Story (BF Short Trip)
Upstairs (Big Finish):
The Suffering (Big Finish):

Season Three (1965-1966)

Galaxy 4:
Mission to the Unknown:
Plannet of the Bunnoids (BBC Short Trip)
Mars (BF Short Trip)
The Bounty of Ceres (Big Finish)
The Long Step Backward (BF Short Trip)
Snowman in Manhattan (BF Short Trip)
The Myth Makers:
Scribbles in Chalk (BF Short Trip)
The Daleks' Master Plan (Parts 1-7)**:
The Anachronauts (Big Finish):
The Guardian of the Solar System (Big Finish):
The Drowned World (Big Finish):
Home Truths (Big Finish):
The Little Drummer Boy (BF Short Trip)
Ash (BF Short Trip)
Making History (BF Short Trip)
Katarina in the Underworld (BF Short Trip)
Waiting for Jeremy (BF Short Trip)
An Ordinary Life (Big Finish)
The Daleks' Master Plan (Parts 8-12)**
The Perpetual Bond (Big Finish):
The Cold Equations (Big Finish):
The First Wave (Big Finish):
The Five Doctors:
The Massacre:
Salvation (BBC Books):
The Ark:
The Celestial Toymaker:
The Gunfighters:
64 Carlysle Street (BBC Books)
The Golden Door (Virgin Short Trip)
Mother Russia (Big Finish):
Tales From the Vault (Big Finish)*:
The Return of the Rocket Men (Big Finish):
The War to End All Wars (Big Finish)
Bunker Soldiers (BBC Books):
The Savages:
The Man With The Velvet Mask (Virgin):
Tarnished Image (Virgin Short Trip)
There Are Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden (BF Short Trip)
NtRUsioNs (BF Short Trip)
The War Machines:
The Rag and Bone Man's Story (BF Short Trip)

Season Four (1966-1967)

The Smugglers:
Ten Little Aliens (BBC Books):
Five Card Draw (BF Short Trip)
The Feast of Seven...Eight (& Nine) (BF Short Trip)
The Three Paths (BF Short Trip)
The Tenth Planet:

*The Steven portion of the story
**A huge gap between Episodes 7 and 8 of the 12-part story
+ Short stories forthcoming

UPDATE (03/26): Big Finish, Virgin, and BBC short stories for this timeline are now included.


  1. As The Alchemists hasn't been released yet (it's been shoved back to CC's 8th series), I can't say for sure, but I'd assumed that it was to take place prior to Quinnis.

    Also, Fragile Yellow Arc and Farewell Great Macedon should be switched, based on dialogue from Luxor.

    On The Suffering: I generally consider the main story to take place before Frostfire, as the last time Steven ate was "1066." They just didn't get arround to recording the story until right before Galaxy 4, in my reckoning.

    Still, well done!

  2. Cheers!

    The Alchemists placement is subject to change once the story is finally released.