Friday, March 22, 2013

Timeline 5 (of 12): The Fifth Doctor

The 5th Doctor (Peter Davison) 1981-1984

Season Nineteen (1982)

Psychodrome (Big Finish)
The Comet's Tail (BF Short Trip)
Resonance (BF Short Trip)
Cold Fusion (Virgin)
The Immortals (BF Short Trip)
Four to Doomsday
First Born (BF Short Trip)
The Visitation
Smoke & Mirrors (Big Finish/AudioGo)
Divided Loyalties (BBC Books)
Black Orchid
Iterations of I (Big Finish)
The Darkening Eye (Big Finish)
In the TARDIS: Christmas Day (BF Short Trip)
Heart of Stone (BF Short Trip)
The Wake (BF Short Trip)
Empire of Death (BBC Books)
Long Term (BF Short Trip)
Artificial Intelligence (BF Short Trip)
Lonely Days (Virgin Short Trip)
Land of the Dead (Big Finish)
Past Reckoning (Virgin Short Trip)
Winter for the Adept (Big Finish)
The Mutant Phase (Big Finish)
Primeval (Big Finish)
The Parliament of Rats (BF Short Trip)
The Eternity Contract (BF Short Trip)
Spare Parts (Big Finish)
Confabula (BF Short Trip)
Creatures of Beauty (Big Finish)
Not So Much a Program, More a Way of Life (BF Short Trip)
The Game (Big Finish)
The 57th (BF Short Trip)
Saturn (BF Short Trip)
The Church of Saint Sebastian (BF Short Trip)
Circular Time - Spring, Summer, Autumn (Big Finish)
The Tides of Time (DWM)
Stars Fell on Stockbridge (DWM)
The Stockbridge Horror (DWM)
Lunar Lagoon (DWM)
4-Dimensional Vistas (DWM)
The Moderator (DWM)
Suspension and Disbelief (BF Short Trip)
Renaissance of the Daleks (Big Finish)
Return to the Web Planet (Big Finish)
God Sent Me Well to Keep (BF Short Trip)
Tweaker (BF Short Trip)
The Haunting of Thomas Brewster (Big Finish)
The Three Companions: Brewster's Story (Big Finish)
The Bot That Time Forgot (Big Finish)
Time Reef/A Perfect World (Big Finish)
Castle of Fear (Big Finish)
The Eternal Summer (Big Finish)
Plague of the Daleks (Big Finish)
The Demons of Red Lodge &Other Stories (Big Finish)
1,001 Nights (Big Finish)
Fanfare For The Common Men (Big Finish)
The Light at the End (Big Finish)
The Deep (BF Short Trip)
Tip of the Tongue (Puffin Books)

Season Twenty (1983)

Arc of Infinity
The Elite (Big Finish)
Hexagora (Big Finish)
The Children of Seth (Big Finish)
Time Crash
Omega (Big Finish)
The Burning Prince (Big Finish)
Fear of the Dark (BBC Books)
The Lions of Trafalgar (BF Short Trip)
Lackaday Express (Virgin Short Trip)
Zeta Minor (BBC Books)
The Sands of Time (Virgin)
Soul Mate (BF Short Trip)
No Exit (BF Short Trip)
Goths and Robbers (BF Short Trip)
Men of the Earth (BF Short Trip)
Goth Opera (Virgin)
Mawdryn Undead
Freakshow (Big Finish)
Cobwebs (Big Finish)
The Whispering Forest (Big Finish)
The Cradle of the Snake (Big Finish)
Heroes of Sontar (Big Finish)
Kiss of Death (Big Finish)
Rat Trap (Big Finish)
The Emerald Tiger (Big Finish)
The Jupiter Conjunction (Big Finish)
The Butcher of Brisbane (Big Finish)
Eldrad Must Die! (Big Finish)
The Lady of Mercia (Big Finish)
Prisoners of Fate (Big Finish)
The King's Demons
The Crystal Bucephalus (Virgin)
Fallen From X'ian (BF Short Trip)
Gudok (BF Short Trip)
The Five Doctors
Lilly (BF Short Trip)
The Sirens of Time
Qualia (BF Short Trip)
Lant Land (BF Short Trip) (BF Short Trip)
The Assassin's Story (BF Short Trip)
The Velvet Dark (BF Short Trip)

Season Twenty-One (1984)

Warriors of the Deep
Deep Blue (BBC Books)
The Awakening
The King of Terror (BBC Books)
Life After Queth (BF Short Trip)
Keeping it Real (BF Short Trip)
Excelis Dawns (Big Finish)
Rome (BF Short Trip)
Last Minute Shopping (BF Short Trip)
Resurrection of the Daleks
Lords of the Storm (Virgin)
Zeitgeist (BF Short Trip)
Phantasmagoria (Big Finish)
Loups-Garoux (Big Finish)
Singularity (Big Finish)
Imperial Moon (BBC Books)
White Man's Burden
Observation (BF Short Trip)
Flashpoint (BF Short Trip)
One Wednesday Afternoon (BF Short Trip)
Comforts of Home (BF Short Trip)
The Misadventure of Mark Thorne (BF Short Trip)
Piecemeat (BF Short Trip)
Do You Believe in the Krampus? (BF Short Trip)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (BF Short Trip)
Planet of Fire
Five Card Draw (BF Short Trip)
Light at the End of the Tunnel (BF Short Trip)
Black and White (BF Short Trip)
The Church of Football (BF Short Trip)
Leap Second (BF Short Trip)
Hot Ice (BBC Short Trip)
The Ultimate Treasure (BBC Books)
Red Dawn (Big Finish)
Exotron (Big Finish)
Urban Myths (Big Finish)
A Town Called Eternity (BBC Short Trip)
The Canvey Angels (BF Short Trip)
Never Seen Cairo (BF Short Trip)
A Life in a Day (BF Short Trip)
Superior Beings (BBC Books)
The Eye of the Scorpion (Big Finish)
The Church and the Crown (Big Finish)
No Place Like Home (Big Finish)
Neckromantia (Big Finish)
Blood & Hope (Telos)
The Axis of Insanity (Big Finish)
Graham Dilley Saves the World (BF Short Trip)
The Roof of the World (Big Finish)
Three's a Crowd (Big Finish)
The Gangster's Story (BF Short Trip)
The Council of Nicaea (Big Finish)
The Kingmaker (Big Finish)
The Veiled Leopard (Big Finish)
The Gathering (Big Finish)
The Four Doctors (Big Finish)
There's Something About Mary (BF Short Trip)
Cuddlesome (Big Finish)
Sock Pig (BF Short Trip)
Son of the Dragon (Big Finish)
Far Away in a Manger (BF Short Trip)
The Mind's Eye (Big Finish)
The Bride of Peladon (Big Finish)
Methuselah (BF Short Trip)
Mission of the Viyrans (Big Finish)
Warmonger (BBC Books)
Key 2 Time:
  • The Judgement of Isskar
  • The Destroyer of Delights
  • The Chaos Pool
Facination (Virgin Short Trip)
Peri and the Piscon Paradox (Big Finish)
The Caves of Androzani


  1. Key 2 Time and Warmonger really should be placed before Peri's Piscon Paradox. In the 5th Doctor part of Paradox, Peri says they went to Androzani next

  2. Updated and since we now know which TARDIS Team is in Smoke and Mirrors now, I've updated the placement for it.