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Matrix Databank (Part 6): The 6th Doctor

The 6th Doctor: Bombastic, stubborn, driven, unpredictable, and the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer. This larger than life incarnation was born in the lieu of his previous incarnation sacrificing himself to save Peri Brown. While expressing great joy at his new body, the regenerative progress was ass unstable as the last; only this time with extreme mood swings (occasionally violent), mental/personality issues and bouts of paranoia that led to him nearly strangling Peri. In the process he traded in his mud coated cricket attire for an outfit that was a league of its own: A patchwork coat, yellow striped trousers, a turquoise polka-doc cravat (later red, yellow and purple), dark brown waistcoat, and a cat broach on his lapel. In the wake of his actions, the Doctor exiled himself to Titan III for his own self punishment. It was there, he met his fellow Time Lord Azmael whom he found associated with the slug creature Mestor who sought to launch gastropods into various planets. Early in this incarnation's life, the Doctor's manic and violent moods were evident causing some friction between hium and Peri; he eventually mellowed out as time rolled on.

The duo's travels saw them involved with Cybermen in their scheme to save Mondas by destroying Earth with Haley's Comet. Varos where deadly games were entertainment. 19th Century London: the Industrial Revolution; the Doctor and Peri not only had a run-in with the Master but also a Time Lady known as The Rani. After their fishing trip, the Doctor became faint and went to Space Station Chimera where he surprisingly ran into Jamie McCrimmon. Upon the discovery of his second incarnation being held captive, the Doctor, Peri, and Jamie went to Seville to save him and stop the Antrogums Shockeye and Chessene and the Sontarans from carrying out their time machine plan. Later, the Doctor and Peri went to Karfel where it was under the rule of Megelan. It was this event that let to the Doctor meeting H.G. Wells; unintentionally serving as an inspiration for Wells' book "The Time Machine". While he left Peri at a botany symposium, the Doctor encountered Davros and the two were force to work together by a company CEO. Sometime later after picking up Peri, the Doctor took her to 1900 on the steamboat Lancaster where they saved a Mermaid and her child from an agent of the organization called The Forge. Upon recieving news of the death of an old friend, the Doctor and Peri traveled to Necros to pay respects; unknown to the duo that it was all a ruse devised by Davros. In addition, the Doctor learned that Davros created another batch of Daleks; those who are loyal to him. After Davros' plans were thwarted and taken back to Skaro to stand trial, the TARDIS duo set course for Blackpool. 1985. While there, the duo encounter the Celestial Toymaker. The Doctor and Peri's later travels included Magnus, New Dawn, Hollowdean, Targos Delta, 16th Century London, a Space Whale, The Philadelphia Experiment and many more. The Doctor and Peri returned to London 1984 upon hearing the news of the death of family friend and others who were converted by the Cybermen. It was this adventure, that saw Peri reuniting with her mother Janine Foster who and her neighbor fell prey to destruction mechanism triggered by Katherine Chambers. With, no family left, Peri remained by the Doctor's side and resumed their travels before she stay on Earth for a brief amount of time.

During this period, the Doctor traveled alone until he met the shapeshifting Whifferdill by the name of Avan Tarklu who sought to collect bounty from Josiah W. Dogbolter. He turned him in; little did Dogbolter's men knew that Tarklu was in the guise of the Doctor and the two escaped unharm. After this event the Whifferdill took up residence in the TARDIS; in honor of their new friendship (and in deference to the Doctor's love of all things English), he took the name Frobisher complete with his now familar form of a large penguin. Throughout their travel, the duo were tasked to retrieve a set of stolen starcharts by the mysterious being called Voyager from the insane Time Lord Astrolabus ; they perused him across the universe, across world of fantasy and imagination, far-flung planets, and surprisingly the pages of a children's storybook. In between this saga, The Doctor reunited with Dr. Ivan Asimoff in a quest to save a Zyglot from captivity. Some time after, the Doctor and Frobisher landed on Earth to retrieve Peri. The trio continued their travels until Frobisher resumes his PI duties (for him 3 weeks). Later, the Doctor and Peri found themelves in two adventures that had a even bigger mystery than realized. The duo arrived on the planet Ravalox for relaxation only to discover the planet was actually Earth (moved a thousand light years away from it original position) and stopping the degranged Drathro from igniting a black light explosion. It was on the planet that the Doctor and Peri met the con man Sabalom Glitz and his right hand man Dibber. After that, the TARDIS landed on Throus Beta, home to Sil and his species who were making a deal with the bombastic King Ycarnos. In the process of a failed attempt to probe his mind, the Doctor faked his siding with the Mentors and assisted them on helping Mentor Kiv transplant his mind into another Mentor who was deceased. Peri was chosen as a suitable candidate, placing her in huge danger. Just as the Doctor was going to save her, the Time Lords plucked him off the planet and onto the Space Station Zenobia where, unbeknownst to him, would be put on trial for interfering in the affairs of the universe...

For the trial, Inquisitor Darkel was acting judge while the mysterious Valeyard was acting prosecutor. In the wake of being taken out of the time, the Doctor briefly suffered from amnesia which wore off shortly. While representing himself, the Valeyard presented two examples of what he's accused of from the Matrix: Ravalox/Earth and Thoros Beta. Upon viewing the events of the latter, the Doctor was dealt a serious blow of witnessing Peri's fate. Had the Time Lords not took him out of time, he would've been able to save her. For his defense, the Doctor presented an adventure from his future with his latest companion Melanie Bush, a computer programmer from Pease Pottage. In this adventure, the Doctor and Mel went to a space starliner as scapegoats to weed out hijackers. Things went south when the Vervoids awaken from their pods to attack the passengers including their creator Prof. Lasky. The Doctor destroyed most of them by fast forwarding their life cycle. That detail triggered the Valeyard to charge the Doctor with genocide despite the face that the Vervoids were only artificial in nature. Much to the Doctor and the court's surprise, as Mel and Sabalom Glitz were brought in as witnesses courtesy of the Master (who managed to get in the Matrix. At the same time, the Doctor made a horrific discovery: The Valeyard was an evil manifestation between his twelve and final incarnations. Despite this revelation, Darkel declared the trial moot as the Valeyard made a get away into the Matrix. The Doctor, along with Glitz went after him leading to a confrontation between the two. Much to the Doctor's discovery, the Valeyard tampered with evidence with the assistance of the High Council in an attempt to steal the remaining regenerations and Peri was actually alive (she was saved and later married Ycarnos. With the Valeyard defeated, the Doctor was exonerated and returned Mel back to his future self on the planet Oxyveguramosa.

During his time alone, the Doctor went to Torrok for reclusion ensuring he'd never become the Valeyard. Though that changed when the Time Lords sent him to Earth in the late 22nd Century to stop a Datavore. It was there he met Grant Markham whom later traveled with him for a brief time. As he slowed became a somber person, the Doctor went to Bianca's (where it was build on TARDIS remains) where he re-united with Iris Wildthyme and the two battles Bianca and her army of Wyrms. After several solo travels, the Doctor re-united with Frobisher and thwo resumed their adventures. Among them a pocket universe and its royals created by a man who murdered his own son. The duo later encounter Sabalom Glitz on the planet Vandor Prime where the three collaborated on the "crime of the century". The event led to Dibber's demise and Glitz obtaining a spacecraft he christened the Nosferatu. Sometime later after Frobisher left once again, the Doctor found himself alone again. Upon answering a distress call, he arrived on a planet where the TARDIS was viewed as a godly artifact. To his shock he saw Peri though it turned out to be a simulation part of a scheme to make the Doctor commit suicide. After this. the Doctor went to Earth 2009 where met another version of Peri. It was during their investigation of a Piscon that it was revealed that the Time Lords created multiple versions of Peri. After that, the Peri of 2009 decline the Doctor's offer of rejoining him.

Sometime later, while investigating a nexus point distortion at Sheffield Hallam University, the Doctor met Dr. Evelyn Smythe. Identified as the temporal nexus point, he took the 55 year old Historian to 1555 stabilize it; saving her life in the process. With the situation sorted, Evelyn elected to join the Doctor. on his travels. Overtime the two friends had many a adventure: investigating the Tregonnon with the retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart,  a run-in with the Daleks on Etra Prime where the Doctor freed Romana, meeting Charles Darwin, The Galyari, another Dalek run-in on an alternate version of London 2003 and Pirates! It was this time that the Doctor changed his multi-colored attired into a blue variant of it. In London 1999, the duo encountered two shifty individuals experimenting with Vampire DNA who were on the run from the organization The Forge and it's immortal head honcho Nimrod. During this,  Evelyn befriended the young mother Cassandra Schofield who later became infected by the Vampire virus. Cassie was taken to Norway as her hiding place til the Doctor could find a cure for her condition. Once the cure was finally found, the Doctor and Evelyn returned for Cassie only to find her now working with the Forge as their latest agent. Nimrod captured the Doctor in order
to force his regeneration for study while Evelyn did her best to free Cassie from Nimrod's influence. Once Cassie gained control again, the confronted Nimrod and freed the Doctor. Before she could escape with the him and Evelyn, Nimrod shot and killed Cassie with his crossbow. The young mother's death put a strain of the Doctor and Evelyn's relationship; even moreso her heart condition. When the TARDIS landed on Vilag, Evelyn decided on needing some time way from the Doctor. It was that event that saw a relationship between Evelyn and Rossiter; but she remained with the Doctor. The duo continued their travels until Evelyn finally decided to stay on Vilag to be with Rossiter.

While slightly sad about Evelyn leaving his company, the Doctor resumed his travels alone. After an adventure with the Brigadier, the Doctor turned up at Pease Pottage to pick up Mel until he saw his younger self triggering a parade of confusion while dealing with a devious foe who created a fake version of the town as a trap. Once the alien was defeated and a Mel duplicate was created, the two Mels were returned to their respective time periods and the Doctor went on his way til he mets her properly. Later, the Doctor went after the Daleks and Davros; discovery the deformed madman sought to change history by interfering in the Battle of Waterloo. To prevent it, the Doctor used a mind exchange device to swap bodies with Davros in a attempt to reform the Daleks; Davros escaped only to find himself in the company of Phillipa Jackson and her boyfriend Jared. Convinced that the Doctor (Davros) she was with was an imposture, Flip defected to Davros (the Doctor)' side and managed to trick the Daleks into believing he really was Davros. Once Napoleon saw their true nature, he surrendered. After this and leaving Jared on the escape pod, Flip decided on joining the Doctor much to his surprise. The two traveled for some time before parting company. For a time, the Doctor lived in Victorian London under the alias of "Claudius Dark" while assisting Jago and Litefoot in their cases and later took the duo to Venus and Roanoke Island.

Sometime later, the Doctor answered a SOS on a desert island in 500,002 where he rescued Charlotte Pollard;  unknown to him was his future incarnation's companion. The two arrived on Earth in February 2008 where they found themselves in a middle of a murder investigation. It was this event that the Doctor met D.I. Patricia Menzies whom he encountered out of sync (here, her first time meeting him, the following encounter and her third while Evelyn was present). As the investigation continued, the Doctor discovered an alien named Slater was responsible for the victim's death with a strange toxin that bonds those who come in contact with it to the housing estate. Afterwards, the Doctor took Charley in and the two sat off towards adventures new. Most of which included an encounter with the fact-finding Grel, the Daleks on Spiridon, the Krotons and the Raincloud Man. When the Doctor confronted Charley regarding his suspicions, she fainted and was taken to the Zero Room to recover. Much to his horror, the Doctor discovered Charley was infected with a virus; he spent several years searching a cure for her. The quest for the cure led to a space station constructed by the Viyrans a conspiracy involving the Daleks and their mysterious Time Controller. During the chaos, Charley encountered the real victim of the virus and the strange woman took to Charley's form while the real one fades out of existance. Unaware of the perdicament, the Doctor and Mila (in Charley's form) went to Draconia after recieving a summons from the deceased Emperor. While there he discovered a conspiracy of the newly crowned prince, his mother, and paper soldiers conceived for amusement. Shortly after, the Doctor and Mila arrived in an alternate timeline conceived by the Viyrans to extract a virus from Earth's population. It was their that the Doctor discovered the real Charley and Mila's ruse. Mila sacrificed herself to save them both; Charley also revealed herself and her time with his later incarnation. To erase his memories of her, Charley used the Viyrans' memory-altering technology to replace Mila with herself in the Doctor's memories of their travels together.

Long after, the Doctor reunited with a version of Jamie McCrimmon (under the guise of Black Donald). However, the memory wipe save for the first encounter remained in tact. The duo had a few adventures until the Doctor realized they were in the Land of Fiction and Jamie himself as a fictional character after a brief cut on him bled black ink as opposed to real blood. The mystery was solved as the Doctor found out that the new Mistress was none other than Zoe Herriot. During the reunion, the Cybermen invaded the Land. The trio along with other fictional characters defeated them. The fictional version of Jamie remained in the Land of Fiction, telling the Doctor to seek the real Jamie if he ever finds him again in the Scottish Highlands. The Doctor returned Zoe to the Wheel as the Time Lords' conditioning of her mind returned and she lost her memories of him for the last time. With this followed by foiling the Master's plan to manipulate the stock exchange, the Doctor resumed his solo travels until he finally met Melanie Bush proper in Brighton, 1989.

The duo's adventures included the Tantem Spaceport as well as the second encounter with the Eminence. The Doctor and Mel went to Generious only to discover two con artists by the names of Banto Zame and Sally Anne pretending to be the Doctor and his assistant while manipulate fake dangers for financial gain. When an actual threat came, the four had to alternative but to team up to retrieve the planet's treasures. The TARDIS duo had another run-in with the Daleks and Davros; this time under the guise of Prof. Vasso plus the Mechanoids whom he copyrighted as "the Juggernauts". Sometime later, the Doctor took Mel to 2003 to see her uncle. However, a strange occurrence sent Mel to 1782 with amnesia. The Doctor and her uncle went to the time period to save her. Having discovered Mel was her own ancestor, the Doctor managed a way to save her and maintain the timeline. Later, the duo went to Vilag to see Evelyn Rossiter (nee Smythe) years after she left the Doctor's company. In their later travels, the Doctor and Mel battled the Master once more as well as two more encounters with the Valeyard; the later would result in not only defeating him once and for all, but to re-write Mel's history to prevent her from becoming Death's Champion thus giving her an alternate version of the events taking place on Carsus as well as triggering the Doctor's death. As he was dying in thee TARDIS before Mel's very eyes, his last words to her were “Don’t cry Mel. It was my time. Well, maybe not, but it was my time to give. To donate. I’ve had a god innings you know, seen and done a lot. Can’t complain this time.
Don’t feel cheated.” Just as he died, the TARDIS was hit with a tractor beam leading to him hitting his head on the console as the ship was forced to land on Lakertya. The Doctor's began to regenerate as the Rani bombarded the ship. Gone was the maverick jester and came a face of a lil man who's far more than just that. His face was that of Time's Champion....

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