Monday, September 30, 2013

Matrix Databank (Part 9): The 9th Doctor

The 9th Doctor: Damaged, Manic, Sharp witted, Northern, Last of the Time Lords. This incarnation was born during the tail end of the Last Great Time War which saw the destruction of both Time Lord and Dalek alike. The event left him severely devastated and often had to hide his grief with a manic yet cheery grin. Unlike his previous eight selves, this Doctor sported a short haircut along with a black U-boat jacket, V neck jumper (ranging from red, blue, green, dark purple and jet black), black pants and boots to match. Much remains unknown about the many adventures he had save for a few documented ones ranging from his encounter with the Sontarans in Istanbul, delivered his fifth self's letters to Peri and Erimem at the Kingmaker Inn in 1483, and tended to the wounds of an old associate named Honore' Lechasseur after a bunker explosion; Lechasseur never knew who the northern gentleman was. He was also one of the twelve incarnations to attend the funeral of Sir Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor was sited in a few historical photos obtained by Clive Finch where he was allegedly present at the days of the Kennedy Assasination, the sinking of the Titanic and the eruption of Krakatoa.

While inside a London department store called Henrik's, the Doctor met and rescued 19 year old Rose Tyler from a group of Autons. He ran into the girl once again when obtaining an Auton's arm at her family apartment on the Powell Estate. Whilst escaping a duplicate of her boyfriend Mickey Smith, the unlikely duo went straight to the TARDIS (now with a more grainy coral configuration) to trace the whereabout of the Nestine Consciousness only to find it and the real Mickey located under the London Eye. With her help, the Doctor defeated the Consciousness. Upon getting her and Mickey to safety, the Doctor offered Rose to come with him in the TARDIS but she turned down the offer and the TARDIS took off. However, immediately after an adventure in Babylon, the Doctor returned to mention to Rose that the ship can go anywhere in time and space. With that, Rose kissed Mickey goodbye and ran inside what would become her new life. For her first trip, the Doctor took Rose to Platform One in the year 5,000,000,000 to watch Earth's destruction. They soon discovered metal spiders sabotaging the platform; the metal spiders belong to "the last human" Cassandra O'Brien. With the aid and unfortunate sacrifice of Jabe of Forest Cheem, the Doctor rescued the platform and its surviving guests. Cassandra, however, was met with a grizzly fate as her skin dried to a point the frame exploded (thought her brain meat was recovered). This adventure led to the Doctor opening up to Rose about the Time War and what it cost him. Another trip was to Christmas 1869 in Cardiff where they had a run-in with the Gelth and meeting Charles Dickens. The Doctor managed to return Rose back to the Powell Estate; much to their surprise,  the TARDIS arrived in 2006: a year later. Upon being greeted with questions from not only the police but Rose's mother Jackie and Mickey (who was looked at as a potential suspect), the Doctor and Rose saw a spaceship ram through Big Ben and crashed into the Thames. It was this event that saw them encountering the Slitheen. Also, the Doctor gained an ally in MP Harriet Jones. With Mickey's help, the Slitheen were blown to bits at 10 Downing Street by the Harpoon missile. Shortly after, the Doctor and Rose departed Cardiff and resumed their travels. Their later adventures involved 1924 London, Justicia, a lone Dalek, Satellite 5, the Quevvil, and 1987 where Rose wanted to see the day her father died triggering a series of time altering effects.

It wouldn't be just the two of them for long when the TARDIS landed during the London Blitz. The Doctor was tracking a strange object while Rose wandered off and ended up hanging onto a barrage balloon. She lost her grip on the rope and fell until she was rescued by the dashing young Time Agent Capt. Jack Harkness. The two joined the Doctor who's investigation led to the Albion Hospital where he discovered living dead creatures, with gas masks fused to their face, and identical symptoms, including a scar on the hand in the same place as a young child who was stalking a young homeless woman and the children she was looking after. It was discovered that the young boy was related to the woman. With Jack disarming a bomb inside the ambulence, the Doctor had it destroyed it to make sure history proclaimed the bombs hit that very location. Immediately after Capt. Jack joined the Doctor and Rose on board the TARDIS and the new crew sat off to new adventures. During this period, the trio traveled to the The Novrosk Peninsula, Bromley in 2005, a return to Cardiff dealing with the last of the Slitheen family, the Colony world 4378976.Delta-Four, Arkannis Major, 2775, New Vegas in the 23rd Century, and Kyoto, Japan. After leaving Kyoto, a bright white transmat entered the TARDIS transporting the Doctor, Rose, and Jack to Satellite 5; a hundred years after the Doctor and Rose last visited the station. The Doctor was transmatted and later escaped the Big Brother house (taking one of the contestants with him), while Jack took out two androids equivilants of Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine and Rose trapped playing the Weakest Link. Just as the Doctor and Jack broke in to save her Rose was gun down by the AnneDroid believed to be dead. However, it was workout that the disintegrater was nothing more than a transmat beam. Much to the Doctor's horror, he saw over two hundred Dalek fleets confirming that the Daleks survived the Time War afer all; they had Rose as their hostage. The Doctor and Jack managed to retrieve Rose only to end up meeting the Dalek Emperor. Knowing the fight would be a suicide mission, the Doctor pre-programmed the TARDIS into taking Rose home while he, Jack and the rest of the Game Station fought the Daleks. However, no one but the Doctor survived and built a delta wave generator meant to destroy all life; among the casualties was Jack and the Big Brother contestant Lynda Moss. Back on Earth and unhappy about being behind the sidelines, Rose with Mickey and her mother's help opened the TARDIS console; absorbing the heart of the ship where she returned to the station as the Bad Wolf entity much to the Doctor's fear. In the process, Rose destroyed all of the Daleks and their Emperor plus ressurected Jack in the process. Knowing the power could destroy her, the Doctor kissed Rose to abstract the time vortex from her and restored it back to the heart of the TARDIS. They left the game station unaware that they left a newly immortal Jack behind. Absorbing the vortex cause celluar damage to his body, thus dying right before Rose's very eyes. He tried to explain to her about the concept of regeneration and before he did exactly that he told Rose that she was fantastic and so was he. With that, the Time Lord regenerated; gone was the northern big eared man and now the form of a handsome skinny idiot.

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