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Timeline 10 (of 12): The Tenth Doctor

The 10th Doctor (David Tennant) 2005-2010

2005 Christmas Special:

Born Again
The Christmas Invasion

2006 Season

The Betrothal of Sontar (DWM)
New Earth
F.A.Q. (DWM)
Tooth & Claw
The Futurists (DWM)
Interstellar Overdrive (DWM)
The Stone Rose (BBC Books)
The Opera of Doom (DWM)
The Feast of the Drowned (BBC Books)
The Resurrection Casket (BBC Books)
I am a Dalek! (BBC Books)
School Reunion
The Girl in the Fireplace
The Green-Eyed Monster (DWM)
Rise of the Cybermen
Age of Steel
The Idiot's Lantern
The Nightmare of Black Island (BBC Books)
The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit
Love & Monsters
The Art of Destruction (BBC Books)
The Price of Paradise (BBC Books)
Fear Her
Army of Ghosts
The Runaway Bride
The Warkeeper's Crown (DWM)

2007 Season

Smith and Jones
The Shakespeare Code
Daleks in Manhatten
Evolution of the Daleks
The Infinite Quest
The Lazerus Experiment
The Whispering Gallery (IDW)
Agent Provocateur (IDW)
Made of Steel (BBC Books)
The Woman Who Sold The World (DWM)
Bus Stop (DWM)
The First (DWM)
Death to the Doctor (DWM)
Universal Monsters (DWM)
Wooden Heart (BBC Books)
Sting of the Zygons (BBC Books)
The Last Dodo (BBC Books)
Human Nature*
The Family of Blood*
Wetworld (BBC Books)
Forever Autumn (BBC Books)
Sick Building (BBC Books)
Wishing Well (BBC Books)
The Pirate Loop (BBC Books)
Peacemaker (BBC Books)
Revenge of the Judoon (BBC Books)
Martha in the Mirror (BBC Books)
Snowglobe 7 (BBC Books)
The Many Hands (BBC Books)
Black Death/White Life (IDW)
The Sound of Drums
The Story of Martha (BBC Books)
Last of the Time Lords
Time Crash

2008 Season

Voyage of the Damned
Partners in Crime
The Fires of Pompeii
Planet of the Ood
The Sontaran Strategem
The Poion Sky
The Doctor's Daughter
The Unicorn and the Wasp
Death's Deal (Big Finish/AudioGO)
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead
Hello Children, Everywhere (Panini)
Grand Theft Plant (Panini)
Immortal Emperor (Panini)
Bing Bong (Panini)
Island of the Sirens (Panini)
Hold Your Horses (Panini)
The Puppet (Panini)
The Widow's Curse (DWM)
Time of my Life (DWM)
The Ghosts of India (BBC Books)
The Doctor Trap (BBC Books)
Shining Darkness (BBC Books)
Pest Control (AudioGo)
The Forever Trap (AudioGo)
Beautiful Chaos (BBC Books)
The Nemonite Invasion (AudioGo)
Autopia (IDW)
Cold Blooded War (IDW)
Turn Left
The Stolen Earth
Journey's End
The Forgotten (IDW)
Music of the Spheres
The Eyeless (BBC Books)
The Rising Night (AudioGo)
The Next Doctor

The 2009 Specials:

The Sontaran Games (BBC Books)
Code of the Krillitanes (BBC Books)
Prisoner of the Daleks (BBC Books)
The Slitheen Excursion (BBC Books)
Judgement of the Judoon (BBC Books)
Planet of the Dead
The Time Machination (IDW)
Room with Deja View (IDW)
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Panini)
The End of the Rainbow (Panini)
Scared Stiff (Panini)
Space Vikings! (Panini)
Bennelong Point (Panini)
The Shape on a Chair (Panini)
Knock Knock (Panini)
The Haldenmor Fugue (Panini)
Autonomy (BBC Books)
The Krillitane Storm (BBC Books)
Day of the Troll (AudioGo)
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (SJA)
The Last Voyage (AudioGo)
Dead Air (AudioGo)
The Darksmith Legacy (BBC Books):

  • The Dust of Ages
  • The Graves of Mordane
  • The Colour of Darkness
  • The Deoths of Despair
  • The Vampire of Paris
  • The Game of Death
  • The Planet of Oblivion
  • The Pictures of Emptiness
  • The Art of War
  • The End of Time
Hotel Hysteria (DWM)
Thinktwice (DWM)
The Stockbridge Child (DWM)
Mortal Beloved (DWM)
The Age of Ice (DWM)
The Deep Hereafter (DWM)
Onomatopoeia (DWM)

Ghosts of the Northern Line (DWM)
The Crimson Hand (DWM)
The IDW Ongoing Vol. 1

  • Fugitive
  • Tesseract
  • Final Sacrifice

The Waters of Mars
The End of Time I & II

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  1. Love the blog (you told us about it on LSA) so far! It reminds me of just how little I've actually seen of Doctor Who (only the BBCA episodes).