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Timeline 3 (of 12): The Third Doctor

The 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee) 1970-1974

Season Seven (1970)

Spearhead From Space
Vengeance of the Stones (Big Finish/AudioGo)
The Arkwood Experiments (TV Comic)
The Multi-Mobile (TV Comic)
Insect (TV Comic)
Walls of Confinement (Big Finish)
The Silurians
The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back (Virgin Short Trip)
Old Soldiers (Big Finish)
The Metal Eaters (TV Comic)
The Fishmen of Carpantha (TV Comic)
Doctor Who and the Rocks from Venus (TV Comic)
Doctor Who and the Robot (TV Comic)
Trial by Fire (TV Comic)
The Kingdom Builders (TV Comic)
Shadows from the Past (Big Finish)
The Ambassadors of Death
Still Lives (BF Short Trip)
Prisoners of the Sun (Virgin Short Trip)
First Christmas (BF Short Trip)
The Last Post (Big Finish)
Eye of the Giant (Virgin)
The Blue Tooth (Big Finish)
Binary (Big Finish)
The Scales of Injustice (Virgin)
The Sentinels of the New Dawn (Big Finish)
The Devil Goblins of Neptune (BBC Books)
The Rings of Ikiria (Big Finish)
Danse Macabre (BF Short Trip)

Season Eight (1971)

Terror of the Autons
Deadly Reunion (BBC Books)
Christmas Truce (BF Short Trip)
The Mind of Evil
The Claws of Axos
The Thousand Years of Christmas (BF Short Trip)
The Mega (Big Finish)
Colony in Space
The Tip of the Mind (BF Short Trip)
The Daemons
Degrees of Truth (BBC Short Trip)
Freedom (BBC Short Trip)
Angel (BF Short Trip)
The Doll of Death (Big Finish)
The Magician's Oath (Big Finish)

Season Nine (1972)

Day of the Daleks
The Curse of Peladon
The Somerton Fetch (BF Short Trip)
Face of the Enemy (BBC Books)
Honest Living (BBC Short Trip)
Spoilsport (BF Short Trip)
Who Killed Kennedy (Virgin)
The Sea Devils
The Switching (BF Short Trip)
Find and Replace (Big Finish)
The Mutants
The Touch of the Nurazh (BF Short Trip)
Gemini Plan Timebenders (TV Action)
The Vogan Slaves (TV Action)
The Celluloid Midas (TV Action)
Backtime (TV Action)
The Eternal Present (TV Action)
Subzero (TV Action)
The Planet of the Daleks (TV Action)
A Stitch in Time (TV Action)
The Enemy From Nowhere (TV Action)
The Ugrakks (TV Action)
Steelfist (TV Action)
Zeron Invasion (TV Action)
Deadly Choice (TV Action)
Who is the Stranger (TV Action)
Countdown to TV Action (BBC Short Trip)
The Time Monster
Morphology (BF Short Trip)
Where the Heart is (Virgin Short Trip)
Jigsaw (BF Short Trip)
Verdigris (BBC Books)

Season Ten (1972-1973)

The Three Doctors
The Wages of Sin (BBC Books)
Losing Track of Time (BF Short Trip)
Deep Stretch (BF Short Trip)
The Mists of Time (Big Finish)
Tales from the Vault (Big Finish)
The Many Deaths of Jo Grant (Big Finish)
Carnival of Monsters
The Suns of Caresh (BBC Books)
Rock Star (BF Short Trip)
Frontier in Space
Planet of the Daleks
Catastrophea (BBC Books)
The Scorchies (Big Finish)
Nightdreamers (Telos)
Pop Up (Big Finish)
Hidden Talent (BF Short Trip)
Dancing the Code (Virgin)
Last of the Gaderene (BBC Books)
Echoes (BF Short Trip)
Rags (BBC Books)
Speed of Flight (Virgin)
The Bad Guy (BF Short Trip)
...And Eternity in an Hour (Virgin Short Trip)
The Seismologist's Story (BF Short Trip)
Come Friendly Bombs... (BF Short Trip)
The Spear of Destiny (Puffin Books)
Lost in the Wakefield Triangle (Big Finish)
/Carpenter/Butterfly/Baronet/ (BF Short Trip)
Hide and Seek (BF Short Trip)
The Green Death
She Knew (BF Short Trip)
Midnight in the Cafe of the Black Madonna (BF Short Trip)
The Three Companions: The Brigadier's Story (Big Finish)
Council of War (Big Finish)
The Prisoner of Peladon (Big Finish)
Faithful Friends: Part 1 (BF Short Trip)
Dream Devils (BF Short Trip)
The Glen of Sleeping (TV Action)
The Threat From Beneath (TV Action)
kcaB to the Sun (TV Action)
The Labyrinth (TV Action)
A True Gentleman (Big Finish)
The Spoilers (TV Action)
The Vortex (TV Action)
The Unheard Voice (TV Action)
Children of the Evil Eye (TV Comic)
Nova (TV Comic)
The Amateur (TV Comic)
The Disintegrator (TV Comic)
Is Anyone There? (TV Comic)
Size Control (TV Comic)
The Magician (TV Comic)
The Metal Eaters (TV Comic)
Lords of the Ether (TV Comic)
The Wanderers (TV Comic)

Season Eleven (1973-1974)

The Time Warrior
Paradise of Death (Virgin/BBC Audio)
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Numb (BF Short Trip)
Death to the Daleks
Neptune (BF Short Trip)
The Dead Man's Story (BF Short Trip)
Sedna (BF Short Trip)
The Five Doctors
Doomcloud (TV Comic)
Perils of Paris (TV Comic)
Who's Who? (TV Comic)
The Ghosts of N-Space (Virgin/BBC Audio)
The Monster of Peladon
Link (BF Short Trip)
Separation Day (BF Short Trip)
Primatives (BF Short Trip)
The Discourse of Flies (BF Short Trip)
Generation Gap (BF Short Trip)
Amorality Tale (BBC Books)
Island of Death (BBC Books)
The Lampblack Wars (BF Short Trip)
An Overture to Early (BF Short Trip)
Planet of the Spiders
Ancient Whispers (BF Short Trip)

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