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Timeline 2 (of 12): The Second Doctor

The 2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton) 1966-1969

Season Four (1966-1967)

The Power of the Daleks
Pluto (BF Short Trip)
Invasion of the Cat People (Virgin)
The Murder Game (BBC Books)
Wonderland (Telos)
Dying in the Sun (BBC Books)
The Feast (BF Short Trip)
The Highlanders
The Underwater Menace
The Moonbase
The Macra Terror
The Roundheads (BBC Books)
The Three Companions: Polly's Story (Big Finish)
Resistance (Big Finish)
The Forbidden Time (Big Finish)
The Selachian Gambit (Big Finish)
House of Cards (Big Finish)
The Slave War (BF Short Trip)
The Faceless Ones
The Evil of the Daleks

Season Five (1967-1968)

The Tomb of the Cybermen
The Age of Ambition (BF Short Trip)
The Last Emperor (BF Short Trip)
The Lost (BF Short Trip)
Heart of TARDIS (BBC Books)
The Abominable Snowman
The Ice Warriors
Dreams of Empire (BBC Books)
Combat Rock (BBC Books)
The Face Painter (BF Short Trip)
The Astronomer's Apprentice (BF Short Trip)
The Farmer's Story (BF Short Trip)
Saint Nicholas' Bone (BF Short Trip)
On a Pedestal (BF Short Trip)
The Enemy of the World
The Web of Fear
Screamager (BF Short Trip)
The Great Space Elevator (Big Finish)
Father Figure (BF Short Trip)
The Cutty Wren (BF Short Trip)
The Emperor of Eternity (Big Finish)
Twilight of the Gods (Virgin)
The Dark Path (Virgin)
Fury from the Deep
Twin Piques (BF Short Trip)
The Revolutionaries (BF Short Trip)
Across Silent Seas (BF Short Trip)
The Christmas Presence (BF Short Trip)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (BF Short Trip)
The Wheel in Space
Fear of the Daleks (Big Finish)

Season Six (1968-1969)

The Dominators
The Mind Robber
The Invasion
The Three Doctors
The Undercurrent (BF Short Trip)
Aliens and Predators (BF Short Trip)
uPVC (BF Short Trip)
The Indestructible Man (BBC Books)
Foreign Devils (Telos)
Colony of Lies (BBC Books)
Prison in Space (Big Finish)
The Avant Guardian (BF Short Trip)
The Rosemariners (Big Finish)
Lords of the Red Planet (Big Finish)
The Krotons
One Small Step (BF Short Trip)
Constant Companion (BF Short Trip)
Homework (BF Short Trip)
The Seeds of Death
Leopidoptery for Beginners (BF Short Trip)
Vortex of Fear (Virgin Short Trip)
The Final Sanction (BBC Books)
Please Shut the Gate (BF Short Trip)
Goodwill Towards Men (BF Short Trip)
That Which Went Away (BF Short Trip)
Mercury (BF Short Trip)
Shadows of Death (Big Finish/AudioGo)
The Glorious Revolution (Big Finish)
Echoes of Gray (Big Finish)
The Memory Cheats (Big Finish)
The Uncertainty Principle (Big Finish)
Second Chances (Big Finish)
The Apocalypse Mirror (Big Finish)
The Space Pirates
The Queen of Time (Big Finish):
A Stain of Red in the Sand (Big Finish)
The Wheel of Ice (BBC Books)
The Menagerie (Virgin)
The Dying Light (Big Finish)
Penny Wse, Pound Foolish (Big Finish)
Fallen Angel (BF Short Trip)
The Fifth Dimensional Man (Big Finish)
Visiting Hours (BF Short Trip)
The War Games

*+Season 6B

War Crimes (BF Short Trip)
World Game (BBC Books)
The Time Eater (BF Short Trip)
The Two Doctors
The Nameless City (Puffin Books)
All of Beyond (BF Short Trip)
Helicon Prime (Big Finish)
That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World whilst Looking For A Dress (BF Short Trip)
Mother's Little Helper (BBC Short Trip)
Scientific Advisor (BBC Short Trip)
Reunion (BBC Short Trip)
Dust (BF Short Trip)
The Steward's Story (BF Short Trip)
Golem (BF Short Trip)
Blue Road Dance (BF Short Trip)
The Five Doctors
The Man Who Nearly Killed Christmas (BF Short Trip)
Favourite Star (BF Short Trip)
TV Comic Strips

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