Friday, April 26, 2013

Matrix Databank (Part 1): The 1st Doctor

The 1st Doctor: Mytserious traveller, grandfather, crotchety wise man, the LEGEND. This particular incarnation kicked off the beginning of Doctor Who's fifty year history. The daring old man and his unearthly grandchild took off from their homeworld (and with it the Hand of Omega) for adventure and exploration. This would lead to the time capsule, forever called the TARDIS, landing from the planet Quinnis to an old rag and bone junkyard on Totters Lane on Earth one faithful evening in 1963.

For the most part things were kept underwraps as possible for the mysterious Doctor and his granddaughter Susan until her school teachers from the Coal Hill School took notice and their curiousity grew to a point where they followed their unusual student to her home; only to find they junkyard and within, a police box. The confrontation gave way into the schoolteachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright entrying the spaceship they'd eventually call their second home for the two years of their lives and the many destinations included. The desinations in question included 100,000 BC, a dead planet (home to a war torn civilation and the pepper potted monsters whom the Doctor would cross paths with time and time again for many a lifetime to come), Marinus, the 29th Century, Fragrance, Macedon, and the French Revolution. The Doctor during these travels started growing fond of Ian and Barbara's company much to Susan's ammusement but things would eventually change.

The TARDIS eventually began having a change in passengers beginning with Susan remaing in 22nd Century Earth with her new love after defeating the Daleks. For a brief time, the Doctor struggled with leaving his beloved granddaughter behind with Ian and Barbara alarmed by his sorrow. That would eventually change when the TARDIS landed on the planet Dido where the trio met and joined by a orphan girl named Vicki Pallister. The seasoned travelers and their new friend travelled on; including to the time of the Roman fire, a Web Planet, an excursion with the Rocket Men, the time of Richard the Lionheart, a space museum and a chase from the Daleks full of surprises. Three of which was the Mary Celeste, the Mechanoids, the schoolteachers returning to Earth (their respective period). This latest developement left the Doctor with the grim realization that everyone leaves at one time or another. There wouldn't be much time for sorrow once he and Vicki were joined by the young space pilot Steven Taylor whom they met while held prisoner of the Mechanoids. The new trio had many encounters along the way: one in particular a time meddler who turned out to be another member of the Doctor's people. Further adventures included Venice, meeting Jane Austen, the Suffragette movement, and the Chumblies.

The good time for the Doctor and his friends would give way to the most turbulent period of his life. Vicki soon left the TARDIS staying in Troy with Troilus under the name Cressida and in her place was a curious young hand maiden named Katarina. Her curiousity would eventually be her down fall when she sacrificed her life to save the Doctor, Steven and Space Security agent Bret Vyon while on the run from the Daleks taking the tranium core intended for them by Mavic Chen. Another death would occur in the form of Bret Vyon being gun down by his sister Sara Kingdom who was sent capture the two travellers only to end up joining them on the run. The adventures she had with the Doctor involved Hollywood, Time Sprites/The Berlin Wall, Christmas on Mars (ending in a young boy dying in Sara's arms), Egypt and back to Kembel where it ended with her aging to dead in the process. With the Daleks defeated and many casualties at everyturn left a growing strain on the Doctor & Steven's relationship.

Shortly after departing Kembel, the Doctor and Steven wound up on Earth, 1966 originally intending to find Ian & Barbara until they stumbled upon a young, cagey stockbroker named Oliver Harper and his mysterious employer selling off human as live stock for a race known as the Fulgurite. After the incident, Harper joined the duo whilst concealing the secret of him being on the run from the Police facing charges of homosexual activities (then until 1967 was considered a criminal act). Oliver's time with them would be short-lived when he died at the hands of the Vardans on a planetoid called Grace Alone, but remained as a ghost in the TARDIS until fading from existance near the end of the 1st Doctor's life. The loss of Oliver put an even more strain on Steven's relationship with the Doctor nearly coming to ahead when they landed in the time of the St. Bartholomew's Eve Massacre when he feared Anne Chaplet was killed; leading to Steven comteplating to leave the Doctor before coming across a bizarre young woman who calls herself Dodo (short for Dorothea) who entered the TARDIS on a whim.

The trio found themselve in more bizarre situations including the extinction of Earth (brought on by the common cold) leading to the Monoids becoming the oppressors, a celestial toyroom, Tombstone during the wild west, Napoleon's invasion of Moscow, Steven coming to terms with his past during his time with the Rocket Men and  finally deciding to stay on an alien planet of Savages and Elders where he became a leader. For a time the Doctor and Dodo were on their own, though things would take a different direction when they arrived on Earth where WOTAN and his war machines set out to take over the city. The Doctor would eventually defeated them with the help of a young secretary/bean pull Polly Wright and the able seaman Ben Jackson. The duo joined the Doctor shortly after the event (and Dodo staying behind). Further travels invoved the Cornish Coast and the one faithful evening in the Antartic in December 1986 where Earth was threaten by the inhabitants of its twin planet Mondas dubbed Cybermen. That and the Doctor becoming sickly and weary triggering a renewal: a regeneration....

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