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Timeline 8 (of 12): The Eighth Doctor

The 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) 1996-2004*, 2013

EDA Mk 1:

The Enemy Within (AKA Doctor Who: The Movie)
One Faithful Knight (BF Short Trip)
Spore (Puffin Books)
From Little Acorns (BF Short Trip)
The Dying Days (Virgin)
Model Train Set (BBC Short Trip)
Shada (Big Finish/BBCi)
The Time Lord's Story (BF Short Trip)
The Juror's Story (BF Short Trip)
The Four Doctors (Big Finish)
Thinking Warrior (BF Short Trip)
The Ethereal (BF Short Trip)
Seven Deadly Sins (BF Short Trip)
Reversal of Fortune (BF Short Trip)

EDA Mk 2:

Note: The Doctor traveled alone for a brief period until he met Samson and Gemma Griffin whom joined him on his travels. Early on he dropped them of in Vienna while doing his own thing leading to answering his later self's distress call in 1816 at the Villa Diodoti where he'd meet Mary Shelley.

The Company of Friends: Mary's Story (Big Finish)
The Silver Turk (Big Finish)
The Witch From The Well (Big Finish)
Army of Death (Big Finish)
The Long Midwinter (BF Short Trip)
Dear John (BF Short Trip)

Note 2: After parting ways with Mary, the Doctor finally picked up Samson & Gemma. The trio had more aditional adventures leading to the flashback events of Terror Firma which lead into....

Storm Warning (Big Finish)
The Sword of Orion (Big Finish)
Reprecussions... (BF Short Trip)
Best Seller (BF Short Trip)
Letting Go (BF Short Trip)
The Stones of Venice (Big Finish)
Minuet in Hell (Big Finish)
A Good Life (BF Short Trip)
The Light at the End (Big Finish)
Venus (BF Short Trip)
Be Good For Goodness' Sake (BF Short Trip)
Invaders From Mars (Big Finish)
The Chimes of Midnight (Big Finish)
War in a Time of Peace (BF Short Trip)
You Had Me at Verify User Name & Password (BF Short Trip)
They Fell (BF Short Trip)
Doctor Who & The Adaptation of Death (BF Short Trip)
Faithful Friends: Part 3 (BF Short Trip)
Living Legend (Big Finish)
Seasons of Fear (Big Finish)
Lady of the Snows (BF Short Trip)
Embrace the Darkness (Big Finish)
The Heroine, The Hero, and The Megalomaniac (BF Short Trip)
Solitaire (Big Finish) (Big Finish)
Enemy Aliens (Big Finish/AudioGo)
The Time of the Daleks (Big Finish)
Apocrypha Bipedium (BF Short Trip)
Neverland (Big Finish)
Zagreus (Big Finish)
Scherzo (Big Finish)
The Creed of the Kromon (Big Finish)
The Natural History of Fear (Big Finish)
The Twilight Kingdom (Big Finish)
Faith Stealer (Big Finish)
The Last (Big Finish)
Caerdroia (Big Finish)
The Next Life (Big Finish)
Terror Firma (Big Finish)
Scaredy Cat (Big Finish)
Round Trip: After Midnight (BF Short Trip)
Round Trip: Before Midnight (BF Short Trip)
Other Lives (Big Finish)
Time Works (Big Finish)
Something Inside (Big Finish)
Salva Mea (BF Short Trip)
Memory Lane (Big Finish)
Absolution (Big Finish)
The Girl Who Never Was (Big Finish)
The Sorrows of Vienna (BF Short Trip)
Forgotten (BF Short Trip)
...Be Forgot (BF Short Trip)
Not In My Backyard (BF Short Trip)
Quantum Hearsay (BF Short Trip)
Pheonix (BF Short Trip)

Note: Sometime after the events of The Girl Who Never Was, the Doctor traveled alone once more. Later in this period, he would find himself back in the very town on Earth he hasn't been in a long while: Stockbridge! In regards to the DWM strip Ground Zero, despite Ace's demise, it was in reality a clone of her (his 7th incarnation accquired in a unrecorded adventure) that died whilst the real Ace continued her duties as Time Vigilante and later retired to Paris.

Endgame (DWM)
The Keep (DWM)
A Matter of Life and Death (DWM)
Fire & Brimstone (DWM)
By Hook or By Crook (DWM)
Tooth and Claw (DWM)
The Final Chapter (DWM)
Wormwood (DWM)
Illumination (BF Short Trip)
Happy Deathday (DWM)
The Fallen (DWM)
Unnatural Born Killers (DWM)
The Road to Hell (DWM)
TV Action (DWM)
The Company of Thieves (DWM)
The Glorious Dead (DWM)
The Autonomy Bug (DWM)
Syntax (BF Short Trip)
The Company of Friends: Izzy's Story (Big Finish)
Ophidius (DWM)
Beautiful Freaks (DWM)
The Way of All Flesh (DWM)
Children of the Revolution (DWM)
Uroburus (DWM)
Oblivion (DWM)
Where Nobody Knows Your Name (DWM)
The Nightmare Game (DWM)
The Power of Thouerus (DWM)
The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack (DWM)
The Land of Happy Endings (DWM)
Bad Blood (DWM)
Sins of the Father (DWM)
The Flood (DWM)

Note: The Doctor and Destrii had several more adventured before parting company. Immediately afterwards, the Doctor was ambushed by one last trap from the Master triggering the events of The Eight Doctors. In the wake of Faction Paradox and the Council of Eight (and later the Time War), the events of when he and Samantha Jones was altered severely; thus possible that Sam and the Doctor met when she was on her way to  a Greenpeace rally and took her on one trip before returning her to her destination and traveled alone for three years; for Sam a few days (and later with Stacy Townshend and the Ice Warrior Ssard) before she joined him full time.

EDA Mk 3:

The Eight Doctors (BBC Books)
Bounty (BBC Audio)
The Company of Friends: Benny's Story (Big Finish)
The Glass Princess (BF Short Trip)
Totem (BBC Short Trip)
Running Out of Time (BF Short Trip)
Second Contact (BF Short Trip)
DS Al Fine (BF Short Trip)
Transmission Ends (BF Short Trip)
Rip Tide (Telos)
Eye of the Tiger (Telos)
Dreadnought (Radio Times)
Decendance (Radio Times)
Ascendance (Radio Times)
Preceptions (Radio Times)
Coda (Radio Times)
Vampire Science (BBC Books)
The Bodysnatchers (BBC Books)
Genocide (BBC Books)
Dead Time (BBC Audio)
Alien Bodies (BBC Books)
Kursaal (BBC Books)
Option Lock (BBC Books)
The Queen of Eros (BBC Short Trip)
The People's Temple (BBC Audio)
Longest Day (BBC Books)
Dreamstone Moon (BBC Books)
Seeing I (BBC Books)
Placebo Effect (BBC Books)
Vanderdeken's Children (BBC Books)
Beltempest (BBC Books)
Femme Fatale BBC Short Trip)
The Face Eater (BBC Books)
The Taint (BBC Books)
Demontage (BBC Books)
Revolution Man (BBC Books)
Dominion (BBC Books)
Unnatrual History (BBC Books)
Autumn Mist (BBC Books)
Interference I and II (BBC Books)
The Blue Angel (BBC Books)
The Taking of Planet Five 
Frontier Worlds (BBC Books)
Parallel 59 (BBC Books)
Growing Higher (BF Short Trip)
The Shadows of Avalon (BBC Books)
The Fall of Yquatine (BBC Books)
Coldheart (BBC Books)
The Space Age (BBC Books)
The Banquo Legacy (BBC Books)
The Ancestor Cell (BBC Books)
The Burning (BBC Books)
Evergreen (BF Short Trip)
Casualties of War (BBC Books)
Wolfsbane (BBC Books)
The Turing Test (BBC Books)
Endgame (BBC Books)
Mordieu (BF Short Trip)
Father Time (BBC Books)
Escape Velocity (BBC Books)
EarthWorld (BBC Books)
Fear Itself (BBC Books)
Vanishing Point (BBC Books)
Eater of Wasps (BBC Books)
The Year of Intelligent Tigers (BBC Books)
The Slow Empire (BBC Books)
Dark Progeny (BBC Books)
The City of the Dead (BBC Books)
The Company of Friends: Fitz's Story (Big Finish)
Grimm Reality (BBC Books)
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street (BBC Books)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen (BBC Books)
Hope (BBC Books)
Anachraphobia (BBC Books)
Trading Futures (BBC Books)
The Book of the Still  (BBC Books)
The Crooked World (BBC Books)
Fallen Gods (Telos) 
The Dalek Factor (Telos)
History 101 (BBC Books)
Camera Obscura (BBC Books)
Notre Dame du Temps (BF Short Trip)
Time Zero (BBC Books)
The Infinity Race (BBC Books)
The Domino Effect (BBC Books)
Reckless Engineering (BBC Books)
The Last Resort (BBC Books)
Timeless (BBC Books)
Emotional Chemistry (BBC Books)
Sometime Never... (BBC Books)
Halflife (BBC Books)
The Tomorrow Windows (BBC Books)
The Sleep of Reason (BBC Books)
The Deadstone Memorial (BBC Books)
To the Slaughter (BBC Books)
The Gallifrey Chronicles (BBC Books)
Gazing Void (BF Short Trip)
Lonely (BF Short Trip)

  • After the events of The Gallifrey Chronicles, the Doctor restored Gallifrey and the Time Lords; later resuming his travels with Fitz and Trix. They left him sometime later.
  • War and Legacy of the Daleks have been omitted in the wake of Davros' appearance in both Terror Firma and later the televised episode The Stolen Earth and the Master stealing Chancellor Goth's TARDIS leading to the events of UNIT: Dominion. Plus Susan Campbell (nee Forman) was able to have children with David resulting in their only son, Alex.
  • Once the TARDIS regrew back to normal, it had a new Console Room that was a hybrid of the original white version and the gothic Victorian version. It remained until the Doctor used the TARDIS to contain the explosion of a cold fusion generator created by its original owner during the events of The Gallifrey Chronicles. Sometime after, the Victorian configuration was restored and remained until the events of the Time War.

EDA Mk 4:

Blood of the Daleks (Big Finish)
Horror of Glam Rock (Big Finish)
Immortal Beloved (Big Finish)
Phobos (Big Finish)
No More Lies (Big Finish)
Human Resources (Big Finish)
Remain In Light (BF Short Trip)
Decorative Purpose (BF Short Trip)\
All The Fun At The Fair (BF Short Trip)
Dead London (Big Finish)
Max Warp (Big Finish)
The Great Escapes (BF Short Trip)
Brave New Town (Big Finish)
The Skull of Sobek (Big Finish)
Grand Theft Cosmos (Big Finish)
The Zygon Who Fell To Earth 
Sisters of the Flame (Big Finish)
The Vengeance of Morbius (Big Finish)
Orbis (Big Finish)
Hothouse (Big Finish)
The Beast of Orlok (Big Finish)
Wirrn Dawn (Big Finish)
The Scapegoat (Big Finish)
The Cannibalists (Big Finish)
The Eight Truths (Big Finish)
Worldwide Web (Big Finish)
Death in Blackpool (Big Finish)
An Earthy Child (Big Finish)
Far From Home (BF Short Trip)
Jonah (BF Short Trip)
The Wickerwork Man (BF Short Trip)
Museum Peace (BF Short Trip)
Osskah (BF Short Trip)
For The Man Who Has Everything (BF Short Trip)
Epilogue (BF Short Trip)
Nettles (BF Short Trip)
Situation Vacent (Big Finish)
Nevermore (Big Finish)
The Book of Kells (Big Finish)
Deimos (Big Finish)
The Resurrection of Mars (Big Finish)
Relative Dimensions (Big Finish)
Prisoner of the Sun (Big Finish)
Lucie Miller (Big Finish)
To the Death (Big Finish)

Note: In The Zygon Who Fell to Earth there was a reference to the Doctor's previous encounter with the Zygons in The Bodysnatchers indicating his travels with Lucie occur long after the events of the BBC Books. It was backed up by references to the Doctor's other companions before and after Lucie (except for Tamsin Drew and Molly O'Sullivan) in Mary's Story.

Since the Doctor's 8th incarnation's mind is like a sieve, it can be possible that he doesn't recall his past actions in the EDA novels and also his take on why his 7th incarnation chose to travel alone (when the only noted companion deaths are that of Thomas Hector "Hex" Schofield and Adjudicator Roz Forrester); particularly kicking Nepath back into the water to drown (The Burning), punching Ferran (Father Time), and his erratic behavior in Camera Obscura.

EDA Mk 5:

Dark Eyes (Big Finish):
  • The Great War
  • Fugitives
  • Tangled Web
  • X and the Daleks

Dark Eyes 2 (Big Finish)
  • The Traitor
  • The White Room
  • Time's Horizon
  • Eyes of the Master

Dark Eyes 3 (Big Finish)
  • The Death of Hope
  • The Reviled
  • Masterplan
  • Rise of the Eminence

Dark Eyes 4 (Big Finish)
  • A Life In A Day
  • The Monster of Montmartre
  • Master of the Daleks
  • Eye of Darkness

The Doom Coalition (Big Finish):

  • The Eleven
  • The Red Lady
  • The Galileo Trap
  • The Satanic Mill

The End (BF Short Trip)
The Company of Friends: Mary's Story (Big Finish)
The Night of the Doctor

Note: The placement for The End is late in the Doctor's 8th incarnation. Whilst there's no description of his original outfit nor the length of his hair (and unknown companions). It is possible that he was donning his blue leather pea coat (buttoned), denim jeans, shorter hair, and his updated sonic screwdriver with the satchel left in the TARDIS. However, it's been noted he later wore an outfit that bore similarities to the two outfits: green frock coat, weathered white shirt, one breasted waistcoat, gator boots, a blue neckerchief , and a snake belt. Plus reverted back to his earlier sonic screwdriver after the current one was destroyed in an unrecorded adventure.

- Episode titles for Dark Eyes 2, 3, and 4 are TBA

*Despite the one televised story (The TV Movie) Paul McGann was still the incumbant Doctor up til the premiere of Rose in March 2005


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  2. Will there be a war doctor's timeline?

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