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Timeline 7 (of 12) The Seventh Doctor

The 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) 1987-1996

Season Twenty Four (1987)

Time and the Rani
Unregenerate (Big Finish)
Red (Big Finish)
Paradise Towers
Plastic Millenium (DWM)
24 Crawford Street (BF Short Trip)
The Invertebrates of Doom (BF Short Trip)
Have You Tried Turning It Off And Then Back On Again? (BF Short Trip)
Daisy Chain (BF Short Trip)
Bang Bang-A-Boom! (Big Finish)
Flip-Flop (Big Finish)
A Cold Day in Hell (DWM)
Redemption (DWM)
Claws of the Klathi (DWM)
Culture Shock (DWM)
Keepsake (DWM)
Planet of the Dead (DWM)
Echoes of the Mogor (DWM)
Time & Tide (DWM)
Invaders From Gantac (DWM)
Nemesis of the Daleks (DWM)
Delta & The Bannerman
Uranus (BF Short Trip)
Driftwood (BF Short Trip)
Special Weapons (BF Short Trip)
The Fires of Vulcan (Big Finish)
Echo (BF Short Trip)
A Yuletide Tale (BF Short Trip)

Season Twenty Five (1988-1989)

Rememberance of the Daleks
uPVC (BBC Short Trip)
Ante Bellum (BF Short Trip)
The Ghost's Story (BF Short Trip)
The Devil Like a Bear (BF Short Trip)
The Happiness Patrol
Police & Shreeves (BF Short Trip)
The Riparion Ripper (BF Short Trip)
Critical Mass (BF Short Trip)
The Shadow Trader (BF Short Trip)
Silver Nemesis
Private Investigations (BF Short Trip)
Christmas Everyday (BF Short Trip)
The Time and Tide (BF Short Trip)
One Card for the Curious (BF Short Trip)
Seaside Rendezvous (DWM)
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Shockwave (Big Finish/AudioGO)
A Rose by Any Other Name (BF Short Trip)
The Assassination Games (Big Finish)
The Light At The End (Big Finish)

Season Twenty Six (1989)

But Once A Year (BF Short Trip)
Ghost Light
The Curse of Fenric
Hymn of the City (BF Short Trip)
Last Rites (BF Short Trip)
The Anchorite's Echo (BF Short Trip)
The Ripple Effect (Puffin Books)
Seance (BF Short Trip)
The Algebra of Ice (BBC Books)
The Hollow Men (BBC Books)
Stop That Pigeon (BBC Short Trip)
Ace of Hearts (BBC Short Trip)
Monsters (BBC Short Trip)
Relative Dimentias (BBC Books)

Season Twenty Seven-A (originally intended 1990/Big Finish 2011)

Thin Ice (Big Finish)
Crime of the Century (Big Finish)
Animal (Big Finish)
Earth Aid (Big Finish)

Season Twenty Seven-B

Illegal Alien (BBC Books)
Matrix (BBC Books)
Storm Harvest (BBC Books)
Colony of Lies (BBC Books)
Prime Time (BBC Books)
Heritage (BBC Books)
Loving the Alien (BBC Books)
Atom Bomb Blues (BBC Books)
The Fearmonger (Big Finish)
The Genocide Machine (Big Finish)
Dust Breeding (Big Finish)
Colditz (Big Finish)
The Rapture (Big Finish)
The Harvest (Big Finish)
These Things Take Time (BF Short Trip)
The Heroine, The Hero, and The Megalomaniac (BF Short Trip)
Dreamtime (Big Finish)
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast (BF Short Trip)
Live 34 (Big Finish)
Night Thoughts (Big Finish)
The Veiled Leopard (Big Finish)
Death Sentences (BF Short Trip)
Presence (BF Short Trip)
The Settling (Big Finish)
No Man's Land (Big Finish)
Natalie's Story (BF Short Trip)
Nocturne (Big Finish)
The Dark Husband (Big Finish)
The Report (BF Short Trip)
Forty-Five (Big Finish)
The Magic Mousetrap (Big Finish)
Enemy of the Daleks (Big Finish)
The Angel of Scutari (Big Finish)
Project: Destiny (Big Finish)
A Death in the Family (Big Finish)
Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge (Big Finish)
Robophobia (Big Finish)
The Doomsday Quatrain (Big Finish)
House of Blue Fire (Big Finish)
Project: Nirvana (Big Finish)
Protect and Survive (Big Finish)
Black and White (Big Finish)
Gods and Monsters (Big Finish)
Afterlife (Big Finish)

Season Twenty Seven-C (The New Adventures)

The Four Doctors (Big Finish)
Fellow Travellers (DWM)
Darkness Falls/Distractions/The Mark of Mandragora (DWM)
Party Animals (DWM)
The Chameleon Factor (DWM)
The Good Soldier (DWM)
A Glitch in Time (DWM)
Log 384 (BF Short Trip)
There's Something About Mary (BF Short Trip)
Timewyrm: Genesis (Virgin)
Timewyrm: Exodus (Virgin)
Timewyrm: Apocalypse (Virgin)
Timewyrm: Revelation (Virgin)
Cat's Cradle: Time Crucible (Virgin)
Cat's Cradle: Warhead (Virgin)
Ravens (DWM)
Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark (Virgin)
Sunday Afternoon 848,988 AD (BF Short Trip)
Closing the Account (BF Short Trip)
Nightshade (Virgin)
Memorial (DWM)
Love and War (Virgin/Big Finish)
Pureblood (DWM)
Transit (Virgin)
Playback (Virgin Short Trip)
The Highest Science (Virgin)
Emperor of the Daleks (DWM)
The Pit (Virgin)
Continuity Errors (Virgin Short Trip)
Deciet (Virgin)
Lucifer Rising (Virgin)
White Darkness (Virgin)
Shadowmind (Virgin)
Flashback (DWM)
Iceberg (Virgin)
The Last Word (DWM)
Blood Heat (Virgin)
Final Genesis (DWM)
The Dimension Riders (Virgin)
The Left-Handed Hummingbird (Virgin)
Conumdrum (Virgin)
No Future (Virgin)
Time and Time Again (DWM)
Cuckoo (DWM)
Tragedy Day (Virgin)
Legacy (Virgin)
Theatre of War (Virgin)
All-Consuming Fire (Virgin)
Question Mark Pyjamas (Virgin Short Trip)
The Shadow of the Scourge (Big Finish)
Virgin Lands (BF Short Trip)
Last Christmas (BF Short Trip)
Spookasem (BF Short Trip)
Nobody's Gift (BF Short Trip)
Utopia (BF Short Trip)
Testament (BF Short Trip)
Citadel of Dreams (Telos)
The Dark Flame (Big Finish)
Blood Harvest (Virgin)
Strange England (Virgin)
First Frontier (Virgin)
St. Anthony's Fire (Virgin)
Falls the Shadow (Virgin)
Parasite (Virgin)
Warlock (Virgin)
Set Piece (Virgin)
Infinite Requium (Virgin)
Sancturary (Virgin)
The Trials of Tara (Virgin Short Trip)
Of the Mermaid and Jupiter (BF Short Trip)
How You Get There (BF Short Trip)
Human Nature (Virgin)*
The Criminal Code (Big Finish)
Original Sin (Virgin)
Sky Pirates! (Virgin)
Zamper (Virgin)
Toy Soldiers (Virgin)
The Also People (Virgin)
Shakedown (Virgin)
Warchild (Virgin)
Sleepy (Virgin)
Death & Diplomacy (Virgin)
Happy Endings (Virgin)
GodEngine (Virgin)
The Prisoner's Dillema (Big Finish)
Christmas on a Rational Planet (Virgin)
Cold Fusion (Virgin)
The Nuclear Option (BF Short Trip)
The Death of Art (Virgin)
Damaged Goods (Virgin)
Culture War (BF Short Trip)
Anteus (BF Short Trip)
So Vile A Sin (Virgin)
Bad Therapy (Virgin)
Eternity Weeps (Virgin) +
Too Rich For My Blood
The Room With No Doors (Virgin)
Bullet Time (BBC Books)*+
A Thousand Tiny Wings (Big Finish)*+
Klien's Story/Survival of the Fittest (Big Finish)*+
The Architects of History (Big Finish)*+
The Southwell Park Mermaid (BF Short Trip)
Lungbarrow (Virgin)
Excelis Decays (Big Finish)
Notre Dame du Temps (BF Short Trip)

Season Twenty Seven-E

UNIT: Dominion (Big Finish)
The Shadow Heart (Big Finish)
Last of the Titans (Big Finish)
Persuasion (Big Finish)
Starlight Robbery (Big Finish)
Daleks Among Us (Big Finish)
Project: :Lazarus (Big Finish)
A Death in the Family (Big Finish)*
Master (Big Finish)
The Sirens of Time (Big Finish)
Companion Piece (Telos)
Valhalla (Big Finish)
Frozen Time (Big Finish)
Return of the Daleks (Big Finish)
The Celestial Harmony Engine (BF Short Trip)
Peaceable Kingdom (BF Short Trip)
Clean-up On Aisle Two (BF Short Trip)
The Death Collectors (Big Finish)
Spider's Shadow (Big Finish)
Policy to Invade (BF Short Trip)
Kingdom of Silver (Big Finish)
Keepsake (Big Finish)
The Tramp's Story (BF Short Trip)
Monitor (BF Short Trip)
Inmate 280 (BF Short Trip)
Separation (BF Short Trip)
Perfect Present (BF Short Trip)
The Hunting of the Slook (BF Short Trip)
Omegamorphosis (BF Short Trip)
Twilight's End (BF Short Trip)
The Enemy Within (AKA Doctor Who: The Movie)


  • Despite the Forty-Five cover depicting the TV Movie Console Room, it may be possible that it was a Secondary Console Room much like the previous verson during the Doctor's 4th incarnation while the original white configuration was under going remodeling. 
  • Plus, in Black and White, the Doctor restored the TARDIS console room's original configuration at some point between A Death in the Family and that story in order to differentiate it from that of the black TARDIS, which had the TV movie console. It  would be around the events of Lungbarrow/ Excelis Decays and throughout his 8th incarnation that the Gothic configuration would be the official console room until the events of The Ancestor Cell; it was later restored sometime after the events of The Gallifrey Chronicles and sometime before Blood of the Daleks.
  • Birthright and Just War are omitted due in part to them serving as two out of the six NAs adapted for the Bernice Summerfield audios. 
  • Human Nature has a bit of a paradox in the wake of the televised adaptation featuring the 10th Doctor and then companion Martha Jones (albeit the TV version set in 1913 before the start of World War I). It may be likely that either a Multi Doctor event (akin to The Five Doctors) or the Time War undid the 7th & Benny version of the adventure.
  • If your wondering why UNIT: Dominion is after Excelis Decays and before Lungbarrow its due to the 7th Doctor's characterization. His mood still cheerful at the beginning of the 4-parter with Raine compared to the later adventures when he often offer the people he helped a trip only to end with them declining the offer. Further, Ace (and respectively Chris Cwej) was on Gallifrey when the Doctor left. 
  • The event of Bullet Time and the first Klien trilogy happened in concurrence with The Room With No Doors.
  • Eternity Weeps' story setting regarding Liz Shaw is pragmatic due to the fact that she was mentioned in The Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor indicating she was still alive in 2010 contradicting her fate in 2003 Earth. Thus extremely hard to reconsile.


  1. You've put UNIT Dominion after Lungbarrow, but say in the notes that it's before it. Not sure if that was an oversight...

    1. ,Or another goof. Remember, they slotted Find & Replace between Planet of the Daleks and the Green Death, yet the dialogue in the scene with Jo, Iris, Huxley and the 3rd Doctor heavily implied he was still in exile thus that scene in part two being circa Season 9.

      Just because the notes say when the story takes place don't always mean its the case.

  2. I never take their notes or forum comments at face value. Always got to be my own decision in the end. We often plump for different interpretations, but that's all for the better. Dissent is good. Keep up the good work.

  3. Where's 'The Shadow of the Scourge'?