Sunday, June 2, 2013

Matt Smith exits after Christmas and the 12th Doctor Hunt Begins

Damn it, damn it, damn it!!!

My exact words when I saw the headline ranging from Gallifrey Base to Bleeding Cool. It really feels like a kick in the nuts because Matt Smith was/still is the only New Series Doctor I've always looked forward to seeing.  I barely knew Christopher Eccleston's despite the coming into his era midway when the SyFy (formally Sci-Fi) aired his run in 2006 and I was happy to see the back of David Tennant's flippant, egotistical crybaby caricature and Russell T. Davies. Despite the unsettling behind the scenes info prior to the announcement, I've always thought the words "Matt Smith (2010-2014)" sounded not only cool but he'd be the only Doctor to match his time with Jon Pertwee's four year run.

When Smith was announced as the new Doctor, I was just as surprised as the rest of the denizens of cyberspace. Many comments on many a forum ranged from optimistic and supportive to the most mean-spirited; the latter came from immature girls who could care less about what Doctor Who's history pre-2005 as long as the sight of David Tennant set their ovaries ablaze that's all that really mattered. Plus complants about his age (Smith was 26 when he was cast; Peter Davison was 29 when he got the role the thirty odd years before) By the time we got our first pictures of Matt in costume, I had that feeling his Doctor would be more "the old soul in a young man's body" his predecessor never was. Boy, was I proven right by the time the 2010 season arrived. The Mad Man In A Box had arrived!

For three years, we've seen the bow-tie wearing "Raggedy Man" and his companion, the Legs/Amy Pond, the Nose/Rory Williams, and the recent Impossible Girl/ Clara Oswald battling Daleks, Silurians (despite the Trek-esque makeup), Ice Warriors, Cybermen, and many more. The fun comes to an end this December as noted and Clara's words may ring true than ever realized. Of course, there won't be a smug victory lap we all were subjected to with Tennant and RTD'S exit in The End of Time.

At the same time, the race for the role of the 12th Doctor's on and a new series is set to kick off August 2014...Who will become 12? How will his new outfit look, And What would his personality like? To all these questions and more, we won't get the answer from Steven Moffat or newly appointed co-Executive Producer Brian Minchin til either later this summer or by the time the Anniversary Special airs. Whoever they pick truly has big shoes to fill...and a even bigger TARDIS
Good on you, Matt! Here's to How to Catch a Monster becoming a success and many more to come.


  1. Awesome blog.

    I need convincing to begin watching from the very beginning. For the life of me I can't look past the cheesy sets and costumes. Sigh...

    1. Ok, then

      1) Unlike the New Series, it doesn't treat you like a kid with ADHD. Especially with the pacing. Many stories last a usual 4-6 episodes, others 8-12 (i.e. The Invasion and The Dalek Master Plan). It has a Soap like pace that builds it up in a rewarding manner. The first episode sets everything up perfectly.

      2) Sets and costumes are no different from the many soaps, tv and film serials that came before Who. Compared to the live action attempt of Astro Boy back in the late 50s, the sets and costumes look a helluva lot better. If you don't believe me, type in "astro boy live action" and you'll see what I mean. If I can get past the production value, you can do it too.

      3) I can recommend that you check out the reviews for all the episodes on the long since deceased History of the Doctor site: