Sunday, August 4, 2013

OFFICIAL: Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor

As announced live at 2:28pm ET/7:28pm GMT (London), Peter Capaldi was announced as the new Doctor.

The Academy Award and BAFTA winneing Glaswegian actor is now the latest in the long line of Doctor and the first actor in his mid 50s since William Hartnell fifty years before to inherit the role. As acknowledged on the live special, Capaldi's a long time fan of the program and had appeared opposite his predecessor in 2008's Fires of Pompeii w/ then incumbent 10th Doctor David Tennant and most known to Torchwood fans as Home Office Secretary John Frobisher. In recent weeks prior to today, Capaldi was among the top condenders in several bookie agencies along with others bets like Daniel Rigby, Idris Elba and Billie Piper (?!)

It's been noted for years Steven Moffat wanted to cast an older actor as the Doctor and came close to finding one in 2008 before Matt Smith blew him and then incoming co-executive producer Beth Willis away with his audition landing Smith the role of the 11th. Now, the Moffat apotheosis is in full circle.

See you at Christmas #12!

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