Saturday, December 28, 2013

UPDATE: What's new for 2014

'lo all!

There has been some delays regarding parts 10 and 11 of the Matrix Databank series plus the 8th Doctor companions series but bear with me. The 10th Doctor entry is indeed set to be published thus fortcoming Sunday 01-12. The 11th Doctor entry will also be published soon. There will be some changes and new additions coming in the new year in the Continuity Zone. So here's the following new additions:

  • Season to Season reviews will begin in March starting with the Classic Series episodes (Big Finish included once I get to the 8th Doctor)
  • I'll be jump starting my Bernice Summerfield reviews again for the first time since my History of the Doctor days. The first seven seasons will be reposted on here just in time for the reviews for Series 8-11 and the Box Sets
  • Era Assessment: Looking back on each era of the show's history (including controversies, triumphs, et al)
  • New online polls
  • Matrix Databank: 12th Doctor (coming late in the year once Series 8's finished airing)

Page update:

  • Gallifrey's timeline page will be revised to include every Gallifrey centered story ever
  • Suppliments to recent reviews will be up in the comming months to flesh it out in a more in depth manner.

So, that's the update. If you have further ideas for the blog I'm all ears and post them in the comments section. Ta!

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