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Friends and Companions: A Guide to the 8th Doctor's Companions (2 of 3)

Part two in this series focuses on the companions of the 8th Doctor comic strips. Shortly after the TV Movie aired, the Doctor found himself in the four color media immediately via both Doctor Who Magazine and the Radio Times. The Radio Times strips ran from June 1996 through March 1997.

Stacy Townshend
First appearance: Dreadnought (1-7 June 1996 - 3-9 August 1996)
Last appearance: Coda (15-21 March 1997 - 22-28 March 1997)

Stacy Townshend was born in 2220. She worked aboard the ship Dreadnouhgt when it was boarded by Cybermen which claimed the lives of her crew and her fiance. The Doctor was able to arrive and vanquish the Cybermen but no one but Stacy survived. No where left to go, she joined the Doctor's company.They had several adventures to gether; among them was during an early period of Martian history where she met her future husband, the Ice Warrior Ssard. The two left the Doctor to settle down.

First appearance: Descendance (10-16 August 1996 - 12-18 October 1996)
Last appearance: Coda 15-21 March 1997 - 22-28 March 1997)

Ssard was an Ice Warrior from an earlier period of Martian history and served as a guard for Izaxyrl, the son of High Lord Uzoxx of Balarzus Mons. He  met the Doctor and Stacy admists the royal bloodbath caused by of High Lord Artix and of Luass, wife of Uzoxx and mother of Izaxyrl. After this event, Ssard joined the du on their travels. He developed a relationship with Stacy and tghe two later left the Doctor to settle down.

Izzy Sinclair (voiced by Jemimia Rooper)
First appearance: DWM #244 -Endgame Pt 1 (23 October 1996)
Last appearance: DWM # 328 - Oblivion Pt 5 (2 April 2003)

Izzy was the adoptive child of Les and Sandra Sinclair of Stockbridge found solace in all things Sci-Fi for escapism. She and the villiage's resident UFO nut Max Edison aided the Doctor in saving Stockbridge from the Celestial Toymaker.From that moment on Izzy joined the Doctor and the new TARDIS duo would set out for many new adventures ranging from the Threshold to the Master.She endured a body switch with Destrii that caused friction between the duo briefly before the tract down Destrii and reversed the switch. After the events of Oblivion, Izzy returned home to Stockbridege back to the night she left with the Doctor.

First appearance: Doctor Who Magazine #300 - Ophidius Pt. 1 (February 2001)
Last appearance: Doctor Who Magazine #353 - The Flood Pt 8 (March 2005)

The Primatrix Destriianatos, an amphibious humanoid from the planet Oblivion. The Horde ruling class feared and respected her more than her abusive mother the Matriax who groomed her into becming the planet's next ruler. Like Izzy, she found solace in Sci-Fi programs and her loving uncle Jodafra. She first met the Doctor and Izzy when she was on the run from the Mobox; she switch bodies with Izzy in order to evade them only to end up incenerated by them (and later decomstructing by them releasing her in the jungles of its homeworld over a pit of piranha-like Mykkadons. Upon being found by the Doctor, Destrii was taken back to Oblivion where the Horde reveresed the body switch and made her the Primatrix. She manage to overcome the powers and vanquished the Horde. She was retrieved by Jodafra and escaped in his vessel. The duo later encountered the Doctor in 1875 where Jodafra made an agreement with the Windigo to feed it human flesh (children included) in exchange for help navigating the time stream. Realising that cold truth, Destrii thwarted her uncle's plan only to end up beaten by him for that betrayal. Finding her the Doctor took her to a hospice in space for recovery. It was also invaded by the Zeronites. Upon aiding the Doctor in ending the invasion, he allowed her to stay in the TARDIS. From that moment on plus gaining a holographic devise that makes her appear human, the duo had several adventures before they parted company When and how remain undocumented (for now)....

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