Monday, October 6, 2014

Die, Mummy, Die!: Mummy on the Orient Express


At last, another enjoyable episode! This weekend's entry comes from new writer #2, Jamie Matheison. Prior to it, I was dreading it in the wake of my disappointment with Kill the Moon. This week's show kicks off at a spaceship in the form of the Orient Express (another nostalgia cruise albet not a Max Capricorn owned one at that) and a mysterious Mummy claiming the lives of the passengers every 66 seconds prompting the dapper dressed Doctor and flapper Clara to investigate and prevent the next attack. So, on to the nitty-gritty!


  • Now 12th has officially arrived! While last Saturday's entry cranked up 6th (circa Season 22) and 7 (via the NAs and the recent audios) up to maximum power, here we have 12th as lovable disagreeable (like 1st and 3rd) from top to bottom right down to the teeth. Plus looks shap in a vintage tux reminecent of 3rd circa Season 7
  • Jelly Babies in the ciggie case! Welcome back, you sugary buggers!
  • The twist that the mummy was a ghost of a soldier was interesting and it makes a change for the out of the blue soldier bia portrayal of the Doctor Moffat and co have been shoving down people's throats
  • The psychic paper comeback
  • Foxes singing a 20s flavored (but shortned) rendition of Queen's Don't Stop me Now


  • The flip-flopping of Clara. The episode would've been the best opportunity to have a companion free episode from her. Now I knw Big Finish will have to work hard on redeeming her one day cus right now she's officially unlikeable.
  • The overuse of the stopwatch
  • The hurried final ten minutes. It would've benefited as a two-parter as opposed to the standard 45 minutes.

Bottom Line: Mummy on the Orient Express managed to be as enjoyable as Into the Dalek in its own right despite the hurried 10 minutes. Let's see if Mathieson's entry for next week fares, yeah?


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