Thursday, February 13, 2014

Infinite Eminence: Dark Eyes 2 - Time's Horizon Review

Nw, we cut to story three: Time's Horizon

The third entry by Matt Fitton in the box set manages to up the ante as the Doctor and Molly finds themselves aboard the cryo-ship Orpheus where Liv Chenka and here crew were sent by unknown benefactor. Uneasy reunions aside, there's a greater evil set to become the only being in the universe (and for once its not the Daleks!): The Eminence (Seeds of War, the forthcoming Destroy the Infinite).

Fitton's script really delivers as it presents us with the Eminence's goal and the infinite warrior transformation that bring the horror up to 12 as the Doctor, Mollyand Live prevent the zombiefied enemy from infinit conquest. The story also makes clear of what happened in The Traitor hasn't happened yet for the Doctor while it did for Liv; she's still viewed as a a traitor while she sees him as one for helping them. What we'll learn in the next story will become very clear as to why. That and the ending....

More firepowered performances all around from the new TARDIS trio and David Sibley. Also bringing their A-game as well were Jo Castleton (Oh No It Isn't, Venus Mantrap} as the driven-submissive Kruger, Adrian MacKimder as Capt. Brock, Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble to the New Series crowd) lending her voice as the ship's computrr and Ian Hallard as Kell. Willfredo Acosta surpassed himself with the music and sound design story by story. Last, but not least, the direction  Nick Briggs makes for a strong production overall.

Time's Horizon's another homerun story from Fitton and as is the following story Eyes of the Master.

Ten jelly babies total

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