Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Molly-Go-Round: Dark Eyes 2 - Eyes of the Master Review (SPOILERS AHOY!)

So here we are at the final entry (and the 2nd Matt Fitton penned story) of the box set. There's a lot to be excited for: The Master, Ides Scientific Institute, ad what the new purpose for Molly's Dark Eyes are in. These threads and more come together in the thrilling Eyes of the Master

Eyes, begins with the Doctor, Molly and Liv, arriving in London 1972 to investigate Ides; the Doctor refusing to know what happened on Nixyce VII (as its yet to happen). In the wake of X and the Daleks, time's been altered and Ides very own Sally Armstrong is now alive and working with the mysterious "Hartcourt De'ath" to replace the eyes of his patients with symbiotic replicas in order to harness the Eminence. Once we get to the long awaited rematch between the 8th Doctor and the Master, we learn a lot of his plan and that of the Time Lords.

As noted, time was shifted in the wake of Kotris being erased from existence. A timeione in where the Daleks reigned supreme is now a timeline where the Eminence are the supreme sole being and in turn, Molly's retro-genator particles work against them. This reviewer is quite amused by how it all ties together. Particully with Molly now that it seems that her dark eyes are now permanent than ever realised (plus why the Dark Eyes banner remains intact for this release in the next two box sets) Not only that but the fact the Time Lords now need the Eminence in order to wipe out the Daleks. Then there's the Master himself who we now confirm comes after Eric Roberts (plus the Geoffrey Beevers version via astermind and , in turn. DWM's black preacher incarnation) and Sir Derek Jecobi. In order to prevent the Eminence caskets from reaching the Nixyce System the Doctor goes off to the very planet we first heard him in to reach out to the Dalek Time Controller to stop the caskets. Only at the end of the story things got altered: the Dalek occupation on Nixyce VII is over while back on Earth the Master and Armstrong kidnap Molly; a cliffhanger only to be resolve in Dark Eyes 3 (coming this November). All this and matching TCEs!

More strong performances given from our regulars especially the interaction between Paul McGann's Doctor and Alex MacQueen's Master; trading hots at each others current attire and just as the Doctor unleashed the Eminence from his mind.Theresome good rapport between Ruth Bradley's Molly and Nicxola Walker's ailing Liv from early on til story's end. Natalie Burt gives a new side to the ever naive Sally Armstrong as the character manages to remain loyal to the Master under influence. No doubt we'll have her back as well for the next box set. Rounding off the cast is acqueline King's Mrs Gantry, David Shaw-Parker's eldery David Walker (the young man Molly left the Baker Street house to at the end of The White Room and a special cameo appearance from Frank Skinner at the end.

Eyes of the Master closes out Dark Eyes 2 in a story that fuels more timey-wimey and neverendinmg battle save for a slight huried resolution. Plus, along with the previous two stories proves that this box set and the next two aren't all about just 8th and the Daleks and a certain conflict on the way.

Nine out of Ten Jelly Babies

Overal Box Set Score: 9.5/10

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