Saturday, September 20, 2014

Break the Bank: Time Heist Review

What's this?! An episode I actually enjoyed?! Have I really gotten soft or it this my off Saturday? This 5th episode (and 3rd entry from Steve Thompson) sees the Doctor, Clara and two other figures at the Bank of Karabraxos to rob from it. Unknown to them during this sceme is they come across a vain and devious bank employee and the mindwiping Teller. So how does this little diddy fare on the Continuity Zone's ratings system?


  • The production design of the bank is the stuff of wonder.
  • We finally get 12th coming into full circle as he took charge of the situation at even understood the sorrow of the Teller
  • Keeley Hawes and Pippa Bennett-Warner...nuff said
  • A plot that wasn't a big cruk you to the audience for once (despite Moffat credited as co-writer)
  • I will admit, I did squee at the legendary Dalek Killer Absolom Daak image. Ah, Absolom Daak....That's one blog post for another day/week/month/year.


  • The episode feels no more as rushed as Chibnall's Power of Three episode from two years before. Particularly the ending.
  • In theory, the Teller design looks cool but when brought to life on screen it's like staring at the female reproductive system. Knowing this now, I can't unsee it nor can I stop laughing!
  • Pity Sabra and Psy couldn't stay beyond this episode. I'd welcome a 4 TARDIS combo over the current tained (and inevitable) 12/Clara/Danny line-up that may come off as 11th/Amy/Rory revisited sans a certain Stetson shooting harpy and the Silence.

Fashion Police:

  • Must start saving up on getting similar shirts akin to the nes Peter Capaldi's worn in the episodes up to now for my own cosplay. The way Capaldi had most of hisd coat buttoned does remind me of How Hartnell's coat was buttoned early on in the early portions of An Unearthly Child and The Daleks.

It's a good check or a fraud?: Time Heist its an straightforward tale that may noy sit well for those aiming for continuity vandalisim like last week's shock value-fest. For once it's a Steve Thompson penned one that didn't have me making facepalms like Curse of the Black Spot and Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

7 Jelly Babys out of 10

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