Saturday, September 27, 2014

They Care So We Won't Have To? or Groundskeeper Doctor: The Caretaker Review

The terrifying Skovox Blitzer is ready to destroy all humanity - but worse, and any second now, Danny Pink and the Doctor are going to meet.

When terrifying events threaten Coal Hill school, the Doctor decides to go undercover.

Episode six, episode six. This one sees Gareth Roberts return to write for the show since 2011's Closing Time. The Caretaker sees the romance of Clara and Danny blossom as the Doctor goes undercover at the very school that not only these two are employed but also a certain science and history teachers he once took along with him and his granddaughter eleven faces ago (Jinx, No Moffat talk!).  So, with that said, how does this one turn out.

The Good:
  • Danny finally meets the Doctor/ "Caretaker Smith", His reaction to the Doctor and Clara's technobabble leaves him lost for words
  • Much like the Lodger and Closing Time, The Caretaker does what it can to coordinate between the funny and the serious.
  • Courtney Woods! The rapport between her and 12th does seem like it echoes a certain umbrella man and the Pride of Perivale
  • The Skovar Blitzer design is very amusing (for a small robot....)
  • Dat jump Danny made!

"We know you miss 11th so we're giving you this guy instead. Please keep watching, Tumblr babies!!"

                                                                        -Steven Moffat*

The Bad:
  • As mentioned in last weekend's Time Heist review it's getting tiresome seeing Clara getting dropped off and picked up over and over. 
  • River Song namechecked..... excuse me... *runs to the bathroom to vomit*
  • More of the Doctor's sudden prejudice towards soldiers.....ENOUGH!!!
  • The 11th Doctor pastiche in Adrian (one of the Coal Hill faculty). You can stop apologizing to the Tumbler babies, Moffat. Rassilon knows you've remained unapoligetic about botching up the 50th and the regeneration limit so why stop now?
  • Dat jump.....The robot's small enough as it without performing the stunt. It was awful as it is amusing

It's All In The Watch: A new gadget and one that makes our dear Doctor invisible. One can't help think the Doctor should've thought of that during the Master as PM situation but what the hell. On the bright side, you might see some cosplayers donning 12s caretaker attire in future.

Verdict: The Caretaker seems more at home with the 11th Doctor era just like Robot of Sherwood. But it does push in the right direction in some spots. Another night, Another slightly above average episode. To the Moon, Alice Doctor!

6.5 Jelly Babies over 10

*Not really a Moffat quote but still