Friday, April 5, 2013

Faction Paradox: The Complete Chronology

Faction Paradox is a group of time-active ritualists, saboteurs and subterfugers -- essentially, the criminal-cult to end all criminal-cults. The Faction seeks to subvert history to its own ends, preferably by letting its rivals kill each other off, then swooping in to seize whatever's left -- presuming the Universe survives...


Christmas On A Rational Planet (1st appearance)
Alien Bodies
Dead Romance
Unatrual History
Interference I & II
The Taking of Planet 5
The Shadows of Avalon
The Ancestor Cell
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street
The Gallifrey Chronicles

Mad Norwegian Press:

The Book Of The War
This Town Will Never Let Us Go
...Of The City Of The Saved
Warlords Of Utopia
Warring States
Erasing Sherlock

Image Comics:

#1 - Political Animals
#2 - Betes Noires & Dark Horses

BBV/Magic Bullet:

The Eleven Day Empire
The Shadow Play
Sabbath Dei
In The Year Of The Cat
The Labyrinths Of History
Coming To Dust
The Ship Of A Billion Years
Body Politic
Words From Nine Divinities
The Judgement Of Sutekh

Obverse Books:

Newton's Sleep
A Romance In Twelve Parts
Burning With Optimism's Flames
Against Nature


  1. In case it's of interest, in terms of DW chronology, Against Nature occurs some time after the Aztecs (you'll see why if you read it) or it WOULD do but for something I noticed during writing. The Aztecs cannot have occurred before 1502 when Motecuhzoma instituted revisions to the Mexica view of the universe, supplementing the nine known heavens with an additional four, bringing the quota up to the thirteen as stated by Barbara (had she answered thirteen prior to 1502, it would have been incorrect - see Ross Hassig's Time, History and Belief in Ancient Mexico). The problem is that Tlohtoxcatl (corrected because the name Tlotoxl doesn't work in Nahuatl and was probably just chosen as something that 'sounded' Aztecy) is an old man in AN (which is set in 1506) recalling the events of The Aztecs as having occurred about twenty years earlier, so er...

  2. We'll blame it on Lolita/Sexy

  3. Can you add the ones from 2013-on?